PS4 Exclusive Gravity Rush 2 Gets Fantastic 1080p Screenshots: Environments, Costumes, Battle and More

PS4 Exclusive Gravity Rush 2 Gets Fantastic 1080p Screenshots: Environments, Costumes, Battle and More

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment Released a large batch of screenshots and information for Gravity Rush 2, granting a look on story, characters, gameplay and environments.

Enemies in Gravity Rush 2 aren’t limited to Nevi and Scarabs – Kat and Raven will need to face off against entire city-sized enemies on their new adventure! This particular Ghost City eats entire buildings, reconstructing them as limbs as it fights.


Here’s a bit of concept art showing off the scale the Ghost City.


And another shot of concept art showing the city up close.


Along her journey, Kat will eventually make her way back to the town of Hekseville, the city where her story first began!


But not everything is as Kat remembers! She and her friends have been gone for a long time, and the city has undergone major changes.


The town is now protected by Dr. Brahman, a brilliant scientist who built a defense system for the city, as well as his mysterious Angels.


Auldnoir, the “old town”, and home to our heroine Kat.


Pleajeune is the entertainment district of Hekseville, is just as lively as ever. Perhaps some old friends are waiting for Kat here?


Endestria, the Factory District, has undergone some changes as well. Dr. Brahman’s security systems seem to be very well-implemented here for some reason…


Vendecentre, the Downtown area of Hekseville. Following a gravity storm, the town’s Government now operates from a high-rise in this area.


We also get to meet a few characters:

Dr. Brahman is the brilliant scientist who maintains the Defense System in Hekseville. Thanks partly to his daughter Kali Angel’s efforts, he has strong support from the citizens of Hekseville and is regarded as the Savior of the city.

The daughter of Dr. Brahman, Kali Angel acts as one of the guardians of Hekseville. Widely regarded as a superhero, she commands and aggressive and wild fighting style and has the ability to heal herself using a crystallization ability.

Durga Angel is the second angel of Hekseville, and has the power to cyrstallize empty space. She flies using large crystal wings she generated on her back.

One of the rebels threatening the city of Hekseville, Delta 1 is a formidable cyborg with a graviton engine in her body. Her fighting and flying skills are said to be top notch!

Delta 2 is equipped with reinforced armor and built-in weaponry. She tends to offer support fire from a slight distance.

But that’s not all. We also read and see more about Kat’s fighting styles.

The Jupiter Style grants Kat access to a host of powerful abilities, including the new Surge Kick. Holding the Square button let’s Kat charge up while in the air…


…and releasing it will send her plunging to the ground, creating a huge shockwave upon impact and dealing heavy damage to everything in the surrounding area.


Using the Stasis Field while in Jupiter Style allows Kat to create a giant Debris Ball. You can hold down the Circle button to gather more objects from the surrounding area, and release it to devastating effect.


The Lunar Style grants lighter and quicker attacks, such as the Wormhole quick. Pressing Square while targeting an enemy lets Kat instantly warp toward that enemy…


…and perform a series of quick kicks, perfect for taking out faster enemies and dodging enemy projectiles at the same time.


The Stasis Field attack while using the Lunar Style allows Kat to perform a Vortex Throw. The Vortex throw freezes enemies in place while they take damage, allowing you to close in and finish them off!


“Mining” is a special type of side mission available from within the Banga Settlement that allows Kat to gather Precious Gems and Talismans.


Depending on circumstances, an entrance to a “trench mine” might appear. Powerful enemies and challenges await you within!


The amount of items you can gather depends on how many other users are mining at the same time. The further you descend, the more personal effects and memotos of other users you might find!


Talismans, a new type of equippable item, can also be found throughout the mining missions. These let you alter Kat’s abilities to great effect, and can be a great help in finishing certain challenges.


And don’t worry, there’s all sorts of new costumes for Kat to unlock as she embarks upon her new journey.

The Jazz Singer costume is a classy affair. What circumstances could lead to this wardrobe change?

Kat’s outfit while working in the mining settlement of Banga. Perfect on a hot summer day.

What kind of heroine would Kat be if she couldn’t help heal the sick? Check out her Nurse costume on display.

Players might remember Kat’s School Uniform from the original Gravity Rush — looks like schools back in session!

Kat’s never to busy to help out a local business! Here’s a peak at her Waitress costume.