PS4 Exclusive Gravity Rush 2 Gets Lots of Details on the Power of PS4, Gameplay and Enemies

Director Keiichiro Toyama provided during a behind closed door presentation, quite a lot of new details about the upcoming Gravity Rush 2, sequel of Gravity Rush to be released exclusively on PS4.

Below you can find a summary of what he mentioned.

  • Gravity Rush 2 will be single player only.
  • Whole the previous game was set in an European-like city with a slightly decadent look, the second game will be more lively.
  • The city is lively with people going about their business, and gravity actions and battles are much more dynamic.
  • The art style is now more vibrant, bright and lively. Koyama looks forward to deliver an art style “dramatically more advanced” than that of the original game.
  • Kat can perform a variety of actions to interact with the city and its people.
  • The game has a peculiar photo mode, that lets you place objects in the world. You can also take selfies.
  • Thanks to the power of PS4, the team could implement dynamic physics to the game, like destructible objects.
  • There are three gravity styles, making various actions possible without complicated controls. The normal style is similar to the first game, the Luna style makes Kat’s body lighter. The Jupiter style makes it heavier.
  • When you switch style, the entire set of movements, actions and special skills changes.
  • You can get into Luna style by flicking the touch pad up, and into Jupiter style by flicking it down.
  • Luna Style increases Kat’s speed and her ability to jump higher without using the gravity gauge. Gravity kick turns into Wormhole kick, that is less powerful but lets you get closer to enemies faster.
  • In Jupiter Style, Gravity Kick changes into Side Kick, which is a powerful attack that can defeat many enemies at once. Kat is slower, but her power is greatly increased.
  • The game has many additional characters that help progressing the story.
  • Raven will become a loyal partner in the new game. She fights driven by the AI by Kat’s side, and they can do combination attacks together.
  • There are some very powerful bosses in the game. In Jupiter style you can destroy the surrounding objects to trigger a powerful attack called Stasis Throw.
  • Contrary to the previous game, the new title will also include human soldiers and robots as enemies. Robots are very tough to beat.
  • Gravity Rush 2 will be localized in both North America and Europe.
  • Work on Gravity Rush 2 started as soon as Gravity Rush was finished. They decided that the PS4 was the best platform for it.
  • Controls on Gravity Rush 2 are mostly the same as in Gravity Rush Remastered.
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