PS4 Exclusive Gravity Rush Remastered Gets Tons of Gameplay Showing Kat in Action

December 6, 2015

During a live cast hosted at PlayStation Experience 2015 in San Francisco, SCEA ISD Producer Nick Accordino showcased tons of gameplay for upcoming open-world game Gravity Rush Remastered.  You can see Kat in action on PS4, floating through the city of Hekseville using her gravity powers and kicking her enemies.

The team focused on creating a smooth experience in terms of controls so that new players and players of the original PS Vita version would not feel lost.

The PS4 remaster will include all DLC that originally came on the PS Vita version, as well as a gallery mode featuring over 600 pieces of concept art: character art, cutscenes, enemies…


Gravity Rush Remastered will be available exclusively on PS4 on February 2, 2016. The live cast can be checked out below:

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