PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets More Info on Dialogue Options, Lore and More

During GameSpot’s E3 livestream, Guerrilla Games Co-Founder Hermen Hulst and Community Manager Jeroen Roding gave more color on Horizon: Zero Dawn, coming next year (on February 28th) exclusively for PS4.

Here’s a summary of what we learned:

  • Aloy is very respectful of nature and the machines, but she needs to kill them for the resources they yield.
  • Conversation options will determine mostly slight changes. You won’t change the world with a conversation. There are life or death situations in the game, but you won’t impact them via dialogue. The main thing Guerrilla wants to do with the dialogue is a form of exploration of the world, of Aloy’s character and of other characters.
  • You can also pick up quests and side quests via dialogue.
  • The RPG elements of the game are not very heavily stat-based. The main RPG element is in character progression, building Aloy up with a skill tree and more.
  • An important element is learning about the machines, scanning them, learning their weak points, crafting the tools to deal with them and getting ever better at defeating them.
  • Aloy is an outcast among a very specific tribe, and has been in that situation from birth.
  • There are other tribes, but it’s a bit early to talk about them. Being an outcast makes Aloy more of an explorer.
  • Within the tribes there are a lot of myths, legends and lore, and that can be explored through dialogue. Aloy is a very practical person, so she challenges those myths.
  • Aloy’s tribe is very isolationist, with its own culture and religion, without many contacts with other tribes. By visiting other tribes she can see different points of view.
  • Aloy is unfamiliar with the Corruptors, which are the only machines that don’t look like animals. They are old world machines that are unknown to her.
  • The world is set in our world. It’s not an alternate universe.
  • Since it’s a seamless open world, you can explore every part of it, including cities and interior spaces.
  • If there are several grazers bunched together, and you cause the canister on the back of one to explode, you can cause a chain reaction. It wasn’t designed on purpose, but it just happens like that.
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