PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Story Is “Incredibly Rich,” Balancing Maturity and Accessibility

PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Story Is “Incredibly Rich,” Balancing Maturity and Accessibility

Guerrilla Games loves to keep the story of Horizon: Zero Dawn as under wraps as possible, but Senior Producer Mark Norris is positive that it’s going to be rich, and focus both on Aloy and on the world revolving around her, as he explained to DualShockers in a recent chat.

“I think you can expect that this is an incredibly rich story. It’s always interesting, that open world games ordinarily fall in one of two camps. We’ve got these really strong narrative-driven, character-driven open world games like The Witcher 3, or an Assassin’s Creed, or even a Watch_Dogs, where there’s a strong central character, and a bunch of story that revolves around the character.

And then you’ve got these other open world games, on the other side of the spectrum, previous to Fallout 4, I would have said a Fallout 3 or a Skyrim, where the story is really the story of the world, and it’s less the story of this main character.

Our game, actually, it has both. The main story revolves around Aloy. She’s one of the reasons why we’re a single player only game. We want to tell the story of Aloy. But we also want to tell the story of the machines, the story of the world, the story of these tribes, and you’ll get those inside of quests, in open world activities, collectibles and other things.”

Norris also gave a very honest report on the balancing between mature elements and accessibility, giving us a glimpse on part of what the role of a producer is, championing this balance in order to make the game enjoyable for a large audience, while preserving the richness of the story.

“It’s actually a super interesting question, and this gets into producer versus creator, some times, sort of fights. The creative on the story wants to make a story that’s incredibly mature, incredibly sophisticated, and incredibly deep.

And of course the Producer side of me says, you gotta make a story that’s accessible. I need to sell a certain number of units on the game, and I need to think how I’m gonna get bonuses for the people that worked incredibly hard on the game, and writer, you want a bonus too, I know you do!

So we need to strike a balance, between telling a story that is rich, immersive and very deep, with a story that does have a level of accessibility, but I think we’re gonna find that point. I think right now we’re balancing it.”

I’m definitely eager to see Aloy’s story unfold on my screen, but maybe I’m even eager to learn about her world. Everything about it is massively intriguing, so I can’t wait to see what brought the machine about, to learn about the tribes and much more.

If you want to learn more yourself, stay tuned on DualShockers for the full interview, coming soon.