PS4 Exclusive inFamous: Second Son Gets New Details about Powers, Weather, and More

PS4 Exclusive inFamous: Second Son Gets New Details about Powers, Weather, and More

We’re just a month and a day away from the launch of the PS4 exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son, on March the 21st and Sucker Punch Production is dropping new details and hints about the game on Twitter.

A fan asked if we’ll see a Karma Bomb for the neon powerset, and while the developer didn’t explicitly confirm… well, they kind of did, probably referring to what can be seen at the end of the “Neon” trailer:

Well we’ve been very careful not to show exactly what you are asking in its entirety. However, we have teased it fairly well!

Another tease was dropped as another user asked about flying and climbing enemies besides the conduits working for the DUP that we already saw:

Good question, can’t answer : )

The “good question” and the smiley sound a lot like a semi-confirmation to me.

Sucker Punch also confirmed that we can expect Seattle to be free of fog most of the times, which is good if you’re a fan of long draw distances. Considering how beautiful the game’s environment is, that’s a relief.

We can control the level of fog. And no, it is not permanent. We have multiple times of day to choose from most w/o fog.

There’s also a fairly interesting, yet cryptic tidbit about an inFAMOUS: Second Son PS4 bundle. A fan asked if there’s going to be one, and Sucker Punch answered “none announced thus far… hopefully.” That’s fairly strange, as a bundle has already been announced officially for Europe.

The only interpretation that comes to mind is that they assumed that the question came from a North American fan and they were answering about a bundle in the US. In which case the “hopefully” sounds quite promising.