PS4 Exclusive Kill Strain Won’t Be Pay to Win; Sony San Diego Focusing on MLB and Games as a Service

PS4 Exclusive Kill Strain Won’t Be Pay to Win; Sony San Diego Focusing on MLB and Games as a Service

Sony San Diego has been working on the upcoming PS4 exclusive Kill Strain, and Development Director Pierre Hintze gave DualShockers some insight on the business model that will drive the game.

The foundational belief for the game, winch will “never change” is that players will not pay to win, and the developer has “absolutely no desire” to create artificial barriers which force players to pay.


According to Hintze the pay to win model is very popular in Asia, and there is a market for it, but Sony San Diego is not interested in it at all.

What Sony San Diego is interested in monetizing, are things that allow players to personalize their experience in terms of personalizing your character, choosing a specific set of characters and fine tune the way your character plays by trading off certain areas for other areas.

The concept is to allow players to pay to create a sort of mastery sets for characters that will make them more specialized but not more powerful. For example you could augment one of your character’s aspects in order to adapt him to your play style, but that character will not be as strong as default characters in other areas (for example armor) as a trade off.

We also learn that at the moment, at Sony San Diego everything that has not to do with MLB: The Show is focusing on Games as a Service like Kill Strain. Hintze believes that there will always be a market for premium titles, a market for freemium titles and a market for games as a service. The advantage of developing those kind of titles on PlayStation Network is that you have the security and quality and continuity that you get from playing games on a console combined with the monetary advantage of free to play, and on paper, that’s a “marriage made in heaven.”

If you’re interested in Kill Strain, you can sign up for the beta yourself here, and you can check previous livestreams with gameplay aplenty here.