PS4 Exclusive NIOH Shows Off Monster Filled Action in New Beta Trailer

PS4 Exclusive NIOH Shows Off Monster Filled Action in New Beta Trailer

Koei Tecmo launched a new trailer for their upcoming action game NIOH, coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016.

The trailer shows off what players can come to expect while playing through the upcoming trailer, launching August 23 and ending September 6. This will be a new chance for players to gain familiarity with the combat as well as assist Koei Tecmo with working out bugs and fixes.

Additionally, this beta will offer new weapons including the long-range hand cannon rifle and a fresh selection of Katanas (including dual-wielded Katanas), Spears, Axes and Hammers.

Koei Tecmo details the beta further:

The new Nakatsu stage leads protagonist William along a treacherous mountain path to a deep cave, where he must prevail against human and supernatural enemies alike—including the seductive Hinoenma, a dangerous Yokai under the guise of a beautiful woman. Defeating the Nakatsu stage will award players with the Mark of the Strong DLC, which will be available when the game launches.

The experience gained from the trials of Usuki and Nakatsu should equip the most skilled players for an even more challenging undertaking: the Twilight mission. In this arduous mission, players can re-visit Usuki or Nakatsu, battle against stronger enemies and new fearsome creatures, and earn highly-valued items.

You can watch the new trailer below on top of a new batch of screenshots: