PS4 Exclusive “Souls” Series’ Spin-off Teased by Insider

PS4 Exclusive “Souls” Series’ Spin-off Teased by Insider

Demon’s Souls has been blessed with a level of popularity that not many expected when it first was released, and a quite trustworthy industry insider well known on NeoGaf as DemonNite mentioned something that seems to tease the coming of a new game of the series.

In a thread on the popular message boards he wrote:

Sony haven’t won anything and they won’t think they won either. It’s going to be another generation of hard work and great games.

Another user known as MrChocolate responded “Should I bet my soul on it?”

At that DemonNite dropped a hint that could easily be interpreted as teasing something very interesting:

If by souls you mean another PS4 exclusive Souls spinoff then maybe ?  ; )

The wording used is actually intriguing, as he calls it “another spinoff,”  adding a bit more mystery to the whole issue.

Of course, as usual with this kind of things, we should take it with a heavy grain of salt and consider it an unconfirmed rumor until an official announcement surfaces, but it’s definitely enough to dream…