PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Seemingly Confirmed for the First-Half of 2018

PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Seemingly Confirmed for the First-Half of 2018

According to Sony's Shawn Layden, Spider-Man is swinging its way to the PS4 sometime in the first-half of 2018.

PS4 exclusive Spider-Man from developer Insomniac Games was one of the most promising looking games at E3 2017, as highlighted by it being the winner of our Reader’s Choice for Game of the Show.

Alongside its eight minute plus gameplay footage showcasing building-to-building transversal, Insomniac’s take on Rocksteady’s Batman combat, crisp cut-scenes, and Uncharted-level set pieces, was a “2018” release window. But 2018 could mean anything. It could mean the game could be coming in early 2018, the middle of 2018, or in late/holiday 2018 (aka a window susceptible to delays to the following year). From January 1st to December 31st: 2018 is a big window.

Luckily, that window has seemingly been narrowed down to the first half of 2018. That is, at least according to Shawn Layden President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA) and Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios..and I mean, he would be the guy to know. When talking to the Telegraph, who brought up the criticism launched Sony’s way for the lack of 2017 release dates (and release dates in general), Layden specifically said the following:

“To be honest, we’re already halfway through 2017…And that’s the nature of game development. No, I feel the lineup we have coming into the holidays this year – and GT will launch in the fall – I don’t know if you got to go to the pre-show [hands on event for media]? Well GT was heavily represented there on the floor. We think there is a lot of attention around that title from our company. And the stuff coming in 2018, all of that is coming in the first half of the year.”

So, now the real fun begins: the guessing game. We already know, God of War is shipping sometime in early 2018, so it’s likely not Q1. Which leaves Q2…but when in Q2? Well, Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled to launch on May 4th, so it might make sense to try and synergize with that. However, Red Dead Redemption 2 is poised to release sometime in that spring window, and you sure as heck don’t want to be near that. So it’s hard to guess.

It’s important to remember that game development and release dates are anything but a sure thing this far out. There is always the chance this game could be pushed back to later in 2018, and perhaps there is a good (or at least good enough) chance of that happening, and thus that is why Sony opted to only sticker it with “2018” during E3 2017 rather than provide any more specifics.

If you want, you can check out more of the game via its newly released batch of 4K screenshots and its previously mentioned, E3 2017, eight minute gameplay trailer.