PS4 Exclusive The King of Fighters XIV Gets American Release Date; Full Roster and Features Announced

After the glimpse that came earlier today, you can finally feast your eyes in the whole roster of characters and teams that will be included in The King of Fighters XIV, and know when you’ll be able to get your hands on them.

First of all, The game will release North America on August 23rd, followed by a release in Japan on August 25th.

SNK just released three trailers giving a full look on the game’s contents, its main features, and the classic Kyo costume that will be offered as a bonus content for day one purchases. You can scroll below to watch them.

Also, in the gallery at the bottom of the post you can also check out the cover art and key art, the icons for the full roster, and a batch of screenshots.

The official features list is as follows:

New Chapter

A Brand New KOF Saga!
The KOF Series’ storyline has been continuing over the OROCHI, NESTS, and ASH story arcs. KOF’s rich story has NOT finished, and returns in a brand new exciting arc with “KOF XIV”!


KOF’s traditional game system is back!
Select your favorite 3 fighters from the game’s gorgeous character roster, and fight to victory via KOF’s traditional and most praised “3-on-3 TEAM BATTLE” game system!

Climax Cancel

Ultimate combos!
The combination system has evolved in KOF XIV, allowing players to strike up to three SUPER SPECIAL MOVES in the same combination for astonishing damage!


A refined MAX MODE!
KOF Series’ emblematic MAX Mode returns in “KOF XIV” with significant improvements! Activating the MAX Mode gives access to EX SPECIAL MOVES for unlimited combo and damage possibilities!


A new feature that can be enjoyed even by newbies.
The newly introduced “RUSH” feature allows even novice players to perform combos by mashing the square button!

Game Modes

A plethora of game modes.
“KOF XIV” features a large variety of game modes such as STORY MODE, VS MODE, and a GALLERY MODE for the best KOF experience ever.


Party Battle

A new fighting game experience.
Duke it out with as many as six people (three players on each team) in VS Online “Party Battle”! Feel the heat of an authentic fighting game tournament experience via PSN!

Online Training

Learn techniques from the best players!
Low experienced players can learn how to become stronger with master players via the “ONLINE TRAINING” feature! Both players can communicate with each other with the common goal of strenghtening the disciple!


Various communication possibilities!
“KOF XIV” will make full of PlayStation 4’s online functions such as the “Online Profile” and “Comment” features in order to foster player communication and communities!

Last, but definitely not least, the full roster, with links to the command lists of 24 of the fifty characters:

  1. Kyo Kusanagi
  2. Benimaru Nikaido
  3. Goro Daimon
  4. Sylvie Paula Paula
  5. Kukri
  6. Mian
  7. Nelson
  8. Zarina
  9. Bandeiras Hattori
  10. Iori Yagami
  11. Mature
  12. Vice
  13. Kim
  14. Gang-Il
  15. Luong
  16. Ramon
  17. Angel
  18. King of Dinosaurs
  19. Nakoruru
  20. Muimui
  21. Love Heart
  22. Xanadu
  23. Chang Koehan
  24. Choi Bounge
  25. Shun’ei
  26. Tung Fu Rue
  27. Meitenkun
  28. Kula Diamond
  29. Maxima
  30. Ralf Jones
  31. Clark Still
  32. Leona Heidern
  33. Geese Howard
  34. Billy Kane
  35. Hein
  36. Terry Bogard
  37. Andy Bogard
  38. Joe Higashi
  39. King
  40. Mai Shiranui
  41. Alice
  42. Athena Asamiya
  43. Sie Kensou
  44. Chin Gentsai
  45. Ryo Sakazaki
  46. Robert Garcia
  47. Yuri Sakazaki
  48. Antonov (boss)
  49. ???? (final boss)

A full-fledged official site has also been made available here.

Incidentally, you possibly noticed that at the beginning of the post I wrote “SNK” and not “SNK PlayMore.” The reason for that is that today the firm changed its name back to SNK, also bringing back the old company slogan “The Future is Now.”

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