PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Teases Darwin’s Involvement; Gets New Pictures; Draws Crowds in Taiwan

PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Teases Darwin’s Involvement; Gets New Pictures; Draws Crowds in Taiwan

Today Ready at Dawn dropped more information and enigmas in The Order: 1886’s alternate reality website, and things are definitely getting intersting.

After the involvement of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, a third historical scientist makes his appearance with Charles Dawrin:

Folded within the pages of the journal, a major find: a letter from Charles Darwin, Mr. Evolution himself… adding confusion is the code on the second page – it’s the same one Ian’s great-grandfather uses in his journal. Did Darwin write this or was it added later?


The letter says (thanks to Brad):

Dear Lord Hastings,

I write to you in this moment of triumph in order to inform you of a discovery during my expedition, of half breed specimens we have unearthed at the remains of a settlement in New Guinea.

The particulars of these findings I shall hope to share with you as soon as I am able as they will add greatly to what we currently [unreadable] to know about them.

Again I must thank you for your generosity in allowing me the use of the United India Company facilities during my trip, they proved most [unreadable].

Yours most sincerely,

Charles Darwin

Incidentally, this also seems to chalk the United India Company as an ally of The Order.

The letter also included a code, which you can see below (as usual, don’t read the solution if you want to decipher it yourself).


And here’s the solution (thanks to YankeeWhite).

Take care in whom you trust. Half breeds are not the only ones who wear two faces.

On top of that, we got another encoded message from “Ian.”

VH t J5 h aW e 5n t IH r Rv u IG t 1h h a2 i Ug s c2 d9t i ZS f Bz f ZW i 5z c ZS u Bv l Zi t B0 t aG o lz f LC i B0 n by d Bn s ZX o Qg m YX e Qg t bG i Vh m c3 e Qg s YS w B0 h b3 a Ag t bG m V2 a ZW t wg t dW e 5k r ZX s Jz i dG s Fu n ZG o lu t Zy t Bv h Zi e B3 o aG b F0 v IF i Ro o ZS u BP s cm i Rl s ci n B3 o YX t Mg o YW n xs t IG h Fi e b3 s V0 u LC r B3 f aG a F0 c IH e Ro t ZW r ly u IG e dv m YW e wg a d2 n Fz i Li n BJ i dC n Bz g ZW c Vt a cy n Bj s bG o Vh m ci e B0 t aG i F0 m IH e Ro s ZX b kg e d2 f Vy o ZS u Bm n aW d do n dG o lu t Zy w Bh i Z2 t Fp h bn i N0 n IH b Nv u bW t Ug w b3 i Ro t ZX h Ig o Z3 u Jv t dX n Ag o b3 t Ig i Z3 n Jv t dX h Bz e Li s 4u e IG e J1 d dC b B3 u aG t 8/ t IE h Fu e ZC c B3 h aG a 9z f ZS f Bz c aW l Rl a IH r dh i cy t Bt y eS b Bn e cm c Vh o dC m 1n e cm s Fu c ZG o Zh n dG f hl u ci s Bv i bj o 8g n V2 r Fz i IH d Ro d aX l Mg e bG s lt h aX i Rl d ZC e B0 m by e BF a bm n ds i YW n 5k g IG a 9y n IG y Eg o Z2 n xv e Ym w Fs h IG o Nv w bm i Zs l aW l N0 e Py a BT r by n Bm m ZX y cg c YW o 5z n d2 f Vy i cy d wg e c2 n 8g c bW e Fu m eS u Bx s dW t Vz d dG i lv s bn c Mu e IE r kg n a2 t 5v h dy e B3 y ZS m Bh u cm s Ug t Y2 h xv a c2 v Ug e dG a 8g m c2 i 9t n ZX d Ro f aW o 5n r IG d h1 e Z2 c Uu e IF p RI t SV i JE o IF n NF a R0 t 1F a Tl h Q6 i IF s lB t Tk o tF r RS i BP c U0 a NB l Ui l BV e Tk v lG e T1 l JN a IE n tJ d TE a 8g l Tk w 9W a RU y 1C s RV t Ig r T1 y ND t QV o Ig u V0 n hJ c U0 o tF v WS e BO r T1 t ZF h TU e JF t Ui r BF u Q0 t hP h

The solution is (thanks to YankeeWhite).

The truth is difficult to find sometimes. What matters is not the obvious, is not on the surface. True meaning can sometimes be found not within but without, not in the seed but the chaff. Clarity becomes confusion, riddles hide meaning. Anyone who will earn my confidence must discern they must have a mind for deception at a historical level, and always try to uncover the truth.

Looks like we’re in for a whole lot of mystery and deception within the story of the game, that incidentally was presented today at Taipei Game Show by Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya, drawing a big and enthusiastic crowd of Taiwanese gamers.

PlayStation Asia Marketing Manager Naito Arata and Sony Japan Studio External Production Manager Masami Yamamoto tweeted a few scenes from the presentation:

Enthusiastic fans flock to The Order: 1886 Event!

Fans and media listen to Ru describing the game’s story. I can feel the respect for the creator.

Interestingly, the Taipei-based website Bahamut’s Crazy Arcade posted a screenshot showcased at the event, giving a glimpse on a never-seen-before open area of the game’s London, presumably the Mayfair district.