PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886’s AR Website Gets More Interesting Pictures and Complex Enigmas

PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886’s AR Website Gets More Interesting Pictures and Complex Enigmas

Sony Computer Entertainment and Ready at Dawn are really going all-out with The Order: 1886‘s alternate reality website, and they have posted more interesting pictures and more enigmas for us to enjoy.

As usual, don’t read further if you don’t want spoiler and prefer solving the enigmas on your own.

A page belonging to Nikola Tesla’s diary proves quite interesting:


This was quite complex because (according to NeoGAF user BraXzy) not only the text had to be decrypted, but it also needed to be translated from Croatian:

Despite all the problems, my work is still progressing, this new weapon works very well. I’m satisfied with the Thermite Gun despite the problems and issues with firing during summer and high temperatures. And even if I’m now interested in other fields of research it’s more important for me to concentrate on my current work, there’s too much importance and value in it. Any kind of advantage and assistance I can give to my comrades is of paramount importance. We are not fighting only for ourselves, but for everyone.

More pictures show Nikola Tesla’s equipment lovingly reproduced in real life:

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A newspaper clipping seems to indicate a kind of involvement of the United India Company with the Order, whether as an ally or as an enemy is unknown.


A map shows the tunnels of the original Metropolitan Railway Line that went into service in 1863. It also grants access to Tesla’s lab.


A second paper clipping talks about a power failure occurred in the Whitechapel district, which is one of the settings of the game, possibly caused by either Tesla’s experiments or by the knights of the Order themselves.


NeoGAF user BraXzy also found out the solutions to older enigmas.

The “UcrxtfwvRahfzVuyzwXspgbIsfedXgys” code translates into “Not the.” The second part of the code translates to “History,” The first code also mentioned “first of four” so there are probably more parts of that sentence incoming.

The black page showcased here just needed some photoshopping to reveal its contents.


Here’s what it says:

Little is known of Tesla but it is said that he creates terrible machines and weapons of great power.
The few who have beheld them say they channel strange forces but I find these opinions without merit.
In my view, Tesla appears to have a most national and scientific disposition. His value to The Order is
clear, his presence in the complex is kept as secret as possible and he is treated with the greatest respect.

Looks like those who enjoy a good story set in a fascinating world are in for a treat with The Order: 1886, which will be released exclusively for PS4 on February 20th.