PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886’s Dev Explains Graphics Upgrade Since E3 2013; Frame Rate is “Very Good”

PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886’s Dev Explains Graphics Upgrade Since E3 2013; Frame Rate is “Very Good”

During a livestreamed interview on the Spanish website Meristation, Ready at Dawn’s CTO Andrea Pessino was asked whether there has been a visual upgrade to the game since it was first showcased at E3 2013.

Pessino responded “very much so,” adding that in 2013 people didn’t believe that the trailer shown at E3 was really in-game, but fact is that those were early assets, and throughout the last two years the studio has been improving on every aspect of the game.That includes the graphics, the simulation and the frame rate, which is “very good throughout the game.”

It was important for the studio, Pessino continued, that the whole experience would be completely smooth. In fact there is never a loading screen or a harsh transition of any kind. He also mentioned that there are times in which people just stop playing because they believe they’re in a cutscene where they aren’t in control, when they’re indeed in a playable sequence.

Every single aspect, the lighting, the shading and the phyisics have been improved since the first trailer. For instance if you look at the demos from three and four months ago, characters did not have their hair moving in the wind yet. Now the hair is physically simulated. Whenever there’s wind in the environment, it moves correctly with it, just like the cloth.

Pessino explained that some people notice those details, but overall it’s easy to notice that everything is much better now than what was shown at the beginning.

Funnily, another fan asked if there are going to be DLC with different facial hair options in the future of the game, and Pessino mentioned that especially Galahad’s facial hair changes throughout the game, and while they have announced any DLC so far, if people want something of that sort, they might make it.

Most interestingly, the single most expensive thing in the whole game (from the point of view of hardware resources used) is Perceval’s beard. There’s so much detail in it that when the camera pans close to his face it causes “so much overdraw.” Pessino explained that huge vistas are nothing compared to how heavy on the hardware Perceval’s beard is. To get that thickness and to light and draw it correctly can bring even the “super-powerful” GPU of the PS4 to its knees.

We also learn that once you finish the game, the whole story is unlocked, so you can go back and replay every chapter to find collectibles and unlock trophies. There is a lot of background information that you can find throughout the game, for instance by reading every little scrap of newspaper you find (and they’re all readable in real-time), giving further insight on the story of The Order: 1886.

Incidentally, Pessino was also asked what franchise he would work on if he was given one of his choice (excluding those by Ready at Dawn), and he mentioned he’d work on Red Dead Redemption. While he isn’t much into open world games, he really loves Western, especially Italian-style Spaghetti Western, and he can’t wait for a new game from that franchise.