PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886’s Pictures and Gruesome Video Pitch Crossbow Versus Black Water

PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886’s Pictures and Gruesome Video Pitch Crossbow Versus Black Water

The Order: 1886 has been getting all kind of background information on its alternate reality website, and today Ready at Dawn’s fictional blogger finally got arond posting the video he has been teasing for a while, but let’s go with some order.

The first entry we get shows the usual lovely real life prop of a gruesome crossbow, which is a reproduction of the one we’ll find in Galahad’s arsenal in the game. That bolt must hurt… a lot, especially when propelled by that monster crossbow. That’s unsurprising, since it’s designed to hunt lycans.



One of the bigger items we grabbed from The Order’s complex… crossbow and bolts, in perfect working condition. As you’ll see in the video that I’ve finally decided to post. I have to do it, consequences be damned. Later today.

The second entry is a journal entry, with more information on how the Black Water works.


This also ties into the video I’m about to post. It’s a page from the journal, and it details how the Blackwater works…

I have heard a number of incredible stories about something called “Blackwater”. Some tellings seems to differ so I will attempt to synthesize what I have discovered. Special vials seem to be the key to the liquid’s effect. Apparently each knight receives a vial, which are dipped it into a vessel and filled with a special liquid. Others say the Knights drink directly from the vessel. Once they have consumed the liquid, they cut themselves and refill the vial with their own blood. If a knight is wounded in combat, he need only drink from the vial to heal himself. Others said that it has the power to prolong human life. Such are the claims of my sources, though I find it difficult to fully accept them.

And finally, the video. Beware of some mild blood.

Here it is. The video I’ve been holding back. Ian, wherever you are mate, I hope I’m doing the right thing and not getting us both into a world of trouble… It’s intense so I’ve put an age gate on it.

One thing is for sure: Sony is really pulling out all the stops in order to set the atmosphere of The Order: 1886. If the game’s quality will be comparable to the promotional effort, we’re in for a treat.