PS4 Exclusive Thriller Without Memory Gets New Art and Info on DS4, “Innovative” QTEs and Stealth

PS4 Exclusive Thriller Without Memory Gets New Art and Info on DS4, “Innovative” QTEs and Stealth

We reported a few days ago about the upcoming PS4 exclusive Without Memory in development at the Russian studio Dinosaurum Games, and today they released one more piece of concept art (that you can see above) and some more information about the gameplay.

As we already know, the game will be a third person thriller adventure in which the player will control a girl named Anna, who wakes up in the woods with no memories left.

Gameplay will be divided in three different components:

The first component will be the exploration of the game’s world (which will be divided in levels): the player will be able to interact with many characters and objects, and listen to Anna’s thoughts on the situation.

Ther will also be interactive cutscenes, which will include branching dialogue with other characters and action scenes with quicktime events. When Anna is asked a question there will be different answers on the screen, and the player will have to choose one by using the touch pad of the DualShock 4. The answer will change the course of events.

When there’s a threat to Anna’s safety or when there’s an action scene, the game will enter an “innovative quick time event system” that according to the developer has never been done before (more details will come closer to release). The system intends to turn this kind of gameplay into an enjoyable moment, and not just a boring series of button presses like “Press X to win.”

Finally, there will be puzzles. In some situations players will be prompted to solve various logic puzzles and perform side quests that affect the main plot of the game.

We also learn that there will be stealth gameplay during which Anna will have to operate without being detected. Success and failure will also determine the course of events in the game’s plot.

Without Memory is schedule to release in 2016, and definitely sounds like an interesting project. We’ll definitely keep you posted on any further news released on it by the folks at Dinosaurum.