PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4 Reveals New Free Multiplayer Map and Patch Details; Launch Trailer

PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4 Reveals New Free Multiplayer Map and Patch Details; Launch Trailer

Naughty Dog announced today they have rolled out a new multiplayer map for their action game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, available now for the PlayStation 4.

The developer is releasing the free update in response to fan demand for more multiplayer maps.

Named “New Devon”, the map is the largest one to-date, perfect for long-range weapons and snipers. The map also supports players who prefer closed-quarter attacks by offering tight corridors and choking points.

In addition to the multiplayer map, the developer is updating the overall experience in the multiplayer mode. This update will include new ways for players to earn relics and items.

Players also might notice a 1.12 patch, this updates Ranked Team Deathmatch modes as well as rewards.

Here is the full list of patch updates from the official blog:

New ranked rewards added:

• Gold / Platinum / Diamond / Master Bandanas

Individual performance has a bigger effect:

• Top Performer bonus replaced with Performance Grade for all players

• The amount of bonus points is based on your performance in the match compared to the average in your rank

• A strong performance can almost fully offset the points lost from a loss in most ranks

Party members share performance of the party:

• Performance of all players in the party is averaged to determine the bonus Rank Points that the whole party receives

Faster ranking up:

• Requirements to advance to qualifiers were reduced (Previously some ranks required >100 Rank Points, now all require 100 except Apprentice, which is 50)

Easier to pass qualifiers:

• Previously passing required winning best 2 out of 3 matches, now requires 1 out of 3 (Bronze), or 2 out of 5 (Silver).

Easier to get back into qualifiers:

• Failing qualifiers now sets you back to 90% of the previous rank (was 60 – 90%), so winning your next game will loop directly back into qualifiers

Other changes:

• Max rank achieved through initial placement matches is now Gold III (was Silver III)

• Ties no longer award Rank Points to either team

Economy changes:

• New 300UP Currency Pack (coming soon with a PlayStation®Store update)

• Added Match Completion bonus worth 10 Relics

• Winning a match now awards 20 Relics


• Players can no longer late-join a match where 50% of the match score or time has elapsed (at the time match is found)

• Players can no longer late-join a match where the winning team is leading by more than 30% of the score limit

• Idle player kick timer reduced to 30 seconds

Menu Changes:

• New option allows the user to launch the game and be taken directly into Multiplayer

• You can now use |d_pad_l||d_pad_r| to select booster levels and weapon/sidekick/mystical mods, for faster loadout editing

• Global leaderboard now shows percentile in the format “Top x% of all players”

• You can now scroll to the top of the leaderboard by pressing |t|

Balance Changes:

• C4 does knockdown on all levels

• Grenade knockdown radius decreased

• Hold breath underwater time reduced

• Increased damage pass-through in water

• Increased distance that bullets travel in water

Bug Fixes:

• General level exploit fixes

• Fix to players not being able to take cover in certain situations

• Remnants level update to improve performance

• Camera Control options “Acceleration Speed” and “Ramp Power Scale” will now Reset to Defaults properly

• Friend’s List performance and update improvements

• Fix to mystical/sidekick mod loadout exploit: switching to a loadout with a different sidekick / mystical mod will now wipe out any previously purchased mysticals / sidekicks

• Fixed multiple idol pick-up issues in Plunder

• Fixed bug with Combat Marking & Mark on Damage allowing Stealth users to become marked occasionally

• Late-Joiners can now properly melee a Brute

• Fixed a bug with throwing Mysticals while on a rope causing the player to re-throw the rope

• Fixed bug with Gifting booster not allowing to gift to certain players

• Fixed mystical throwing issue with alternate control scheme

• Fixed a bug where the host was unable to start custom games when clients were in a submenu

• Fixed a bug that prevented the Wrath of El Dorado from damaging enemies when the owner dies

You can watch the launch trailer below which teases a classic map announcement at the end: