PS4 Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New Info on Setting and Battle Gameplay

Sega updated the official website of Valkyria: Azure Revolution with some new info on the game’s setting and on the demo that will be released with the Valkyria Chronicles PS4 remaster on February 10th.

First of all, we get some info on the kingdom of Jutland, the home country of the heroes.

It’s governed by the King, Ophelia’s father, and it’s a constitutional monarchy. While the King is the head of state, his power is fairly low. At the helm are actually the House of Representative and the House of Lords under the Constitution.

It’s located at the southern borders of the continent, and its thriving agriculture prospers due to the temperate climate. Yet, it suffers due to the scarcity of Ragnite resources. Yet, it’s characterized by diligence as its national trait, leading to a high technology level.

In the year 1852 of the Holy Calendar, the country was faced with the “BRuFH Embargo,” created by four major allied powers led by the Rus Empire. The embargo was initiated with the goal to stop all Ragnite imports, and sunk the kingdom in the most abject poverty.

Despite its technological level, the embargo on resources ground industrial production to a halt across the board, and as a result the city’s “blue light” was doused.

Secondly, we got details on the demo, which includes two missions:

The first is a training mission titled “Training Battle of Morda.” The second, unlocked after completing the first, is titled “Extermination Battle of Morda,” and it’s more difficult.

The progression is simple, and is pretty similar to what we saw in the previous Valkyria Games.

1: Briefing: including a map and a description of the objectives.

2: Mission Start: you can move around the battlefield and fight. The mission ends upon completion of the objectives.

3: Result: a debriefing will be displayed and a rank assigned to your performance based on completion time and number of enemies downed.

The LeGION system is based on the following elements:

Freely move on the battlefield and hinder the enemies: you can freely move on the field and take advantageous position, at the same time, shooting the enemies with ranged weapons in order to gain the upper hand.

Engage in melee when in close quarters: once you finally reach close quarters, you can destroy the enemies by using magic and high powered attacks.

Devise a strategy to achieve the objective: the situation on the field has a major impact on the outcome of the battle, so it’s important to devise a solid strategy governing your action.

Characters will react in four different ways to the actions of their opponents, triggering four different “emotions” and influencing their performance. It’s important to know them and to take the appropriate action when in the right state.

Surprise: it can be triggered by an unexpected action. An opening is created, and the character is vulnerable to attack.

Impatience: when at a disadvantage, the character becomes impatient, losing the will to fight. The chance of a counter attack is lessened.

Anger: the character becomes enraged towards the enemy, increasing his attack, but lowering his defense. This is to be used with caution.

Determination: increases defense, making a defensive action advisable when in this state.

Lastly, when a character reaches 0 hit points, they lose consciousness and they’re considered downed. A timer appears on them. If a companion reaches them before the expiration of the timer, they can be rescued. If the timer expire before a character is rescued, he’s considered permanently dead and won’t take part in further battles.

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