PS4 Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New Direct Feed Screenshots Introducing New Characters

PS4 Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New Direct Feed Screenshots Introducing New Characters

Today Sega released a batch of new screenshots of Valkyria: Azure Revolution, introducing four new characters for the action RPG that will be released this winter in Japan exclusively for PS4.

We get to meet Suleyman Khalemberg, Basil Sanbaci, Fleet Eriksen and Violette Szand.

Alongside the protagonist Amleth, they’re those who lead the war against the Rus Empire, which will then be called by history the “liberation war of miracle” and is the conflict portrayed by the game. During the war they are called the “five top criminals,” due to sins committed within the conflict, that would later be judged as capital offenses.

The war was started for revenge, however the abilities with which those youth lead the country during the war are real: They’re active in different fields in the Kingdom of Jutland. While Amleth fights on battlefield as the captain of the he anti-valkyria unit Vanargand, Suleyman acts on the political scene, Basil takes care of the economy, Fleet is a journalist dealing in sedition, and Violet is a spy gathering intelligence.

Suleyman is a member of the house of representatives, with power over the government of Jutland. He’s stern and serious and always calm and collected. He was the one who pushed for war against the Rus Empire.

Basil inherited his father’s magic factory and immediately used his financial skills to improve the factory’s revenue, gaining power in the world of finance. He’s a mood make, very friendly and quite the jester. His company backs the war with its financial power.

Fleet is a journalist, and he has the ability to influence the masses. He’s very smart, and exceptionally good with words, which grants him the ability to push public opinion in the direction convenient for the war effort.

Violet is beautiful and friendly, and she uses seduction to extort information from the brass of the military. She then passes on that intelligence to the other “top criminals,” that can then use it to further their cause during the war.