PS4 Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Getting Radical Changes Due to User Feedback

on May 24, 2016 9:12 AM

Content from the upcoming issue of Weekly Famitsu has been leaked a day in advance as usual on Hachima Kiko, and it includes an interview to Valkyria: Azure Revolution Game Director Takeshi Ozawa, reporting on the feedback received about the first demo.

According to Ozawa-san, the team received about three times as much feedback as expected, and there were many opinions that expressed criticism.

As a consequence, the battle system has been changed significantly from the demo, and details will be published on the official site. It’s more RPG-like.

The demo’s battle system had action elements that were too intense for an RPG, not allowing for careful consideration while fighting. To fix that, an “action gauge” has been introduced for allies and enemies. Each character can act when the gauge fills up. There will also be an optional system allowing the player to stop time while selecting actions and arts.

Since the game bears the Valkyria name, Ozawa-san feels that users want more like a tactical battle. To that end, there will be a Gambit-like system that will allow you to modify the way your companions think, and players will also be able to give companions direct orders.

The group size has also been changed from three characters to four, while field encounters have been removed.

Despite all these changes, the release schedule for the second demo and the game has not been changed from summer and winter 2016 respectively.

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