PS4 Exclusive VEV: Viva Ex Vivo’s Trophies Listed on Exophase

on May 1, 2016 11:22 AM

Truant Pixel’s VEV: Viva Ex Vivo for PlayStation 4 (with planned PlayStation VR support) still doesn’t have a set release date, however the game’s trophies have already been listed on data-gathering site Exophase.

The game sports one gold, four silver, and seven bronze trophies. The title, dubbed a microscopic survival arcade game, is planned to release Summer 2016 with VR support later on PlayStation VR. However, judging from previous titles, the listing on Exophase may suggest that the release is imminent.


  • “You Can’t Cut Back On Funding! You Will Regret This!” — Achieve a cumulative score of 6000 pJ


  • “Pica-Chew!” — Achieved a score of 1,500 pJ on the soil sample
  • “BLOODUH!? DERE!” — Achieved a score of 1,500 pJ on the blood sample
  • “Food For Thought” — Achieved a score of 1,500 pJ on the cerebrospinal fluid sample.
  • “It’s Got Electrolytes!” — Achieved a score of 1,500 pJ on the fresh water sample.


  • “Wet Behind The Ears” — Survived 30 minutes in the fresh water sample
  • “Blood On Your Hands” — Survived 30 minutes the in [sic.] blood sample
  • “Brainstorming” — Survived 30 minutes in the CSF sample.
  • “Can It Wait For A Bit?” — Accumulated 100 adherent particles in the calibration matrix.
  • “You’re Winner!” — Unlock all bonus stages.
  • “Dirt Under Your Fingernails” — Survived 30 minutes in the soil sample.
  • “Water Bear Necessities” — Feed 4 rods to the tardigrade in the fresh water sample.
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