PS4 Exclusive The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Gets First 1080 Screenshots and Art

PS4 Exclusive The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Gets First 1080 Screenshots and Art

Today Nippon Ichi Software released the first direct feed screenshots and artwork of The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2, that will release this winter for PS4 in Japan.

We also learn more about the game, its story and characters.

The world has been plagued by the “witch disease” that causes girls to lose themselves, gain magical powers, and an ominous third eye on their forehead. People have been living in fear of these witches.

After losing her parents to a witch, Amalie has lived a modest life in a frontier village with her sister Mirium. One day, Mirium disappeared suddenly. Amalie tried to look for her, but she was nowhere to be found. When everyone was about to give up on her, she returns to the village. In her hand she held Amalie’s favorite flowers, and on her forehead, she bore the eye of the witch who killed her parents.

Cerka is the witch Mirium awakened as. She behaves outrageously, but at times she goes back to Mirium’s form because the transformation is incomplete.

Amalie is a member of “WR,” an organization dedicated to fight the withes. In order to protect her sister Mirium, she decides to deceive her own superiors.

Mirium is a young girl suffering from the witch disease. All attempts to cure her failed, resulting in her awakening as a witch. She is very concern about the safety of those around her, at risk of her own.

Hundred Knights is a construct and the alter ego of the player. He understands language but he cannot speak. He communicates only in simple ways, like positive or negative responses.

Suninmugun was originally a crow, but was changed into a sentient creature via magic, and now works as Cerka’s butler taking care of the house.

Below you can check out all the screenshots and art in lovely high resolution.