PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets a Lots of New Story Details: Time Travel and Shenanigans Aplenty

By Giuseppe Nelva

September 9, 2014

Moscow-based studio Dinosaurum Games unveiled today a whole lot of new details about the story of their upcoming PS4 exclusive game Without Memory, and considering what little we knew before, they’re quite surprising.

The game will involve the past, the present and the future, and a conflict between two opposing sides which will bring to one of fifty possible endings. The story revolves about a war hero who wants to change the world after the death of a friend, a mysterious visitor from the distant future who wants to prevent the inevitable from happening, and an apparently defenseless and fragile girl who wakes up in a forest after losing her memories, caught in the middle between the two sides. She will have to take many difficult decisions that could change the fate of mankind.

There’s no set right or wrong in this dark and ambiguous story, no predefined heroes or villains. There are only people with different ideas and goals who will have to make choices with serious consequences.  According to the developer, getting familiar with the  characters will make you doubt your outlook on life, showing a multi-faceted, complex and at times even dangerous truth.

The three main characters come from different times, and fight a fierce battle for the right to change the story, defending their own vision of the world. They have opposing ideologies, despite similarities of intent and the same desire to improve society while facing a struggle for survival.  The player will have to explore the origin of each character, their motives and inner selves, and perhaps kill one of them, or maybe all of them.

The three playable characters are Chris, Leo and Anna:

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Chris is a war hero and veteran. Losing his best friend completely changed him. He promised his dying friend to change the world beyond recognition. Leo comes from the distant future. In his time the world is orderly, peaceful and perfect. By creating a mysterious organization named “Insiders” he aims to prevent events which led to that outcome.  In the middle between them is Anna, who wakes up in the woods one night, and realizes that she doesn’t remember anything. Which side will she choose?

The game is characterized by an “amazing journey through time,” and by the relationships between its characters. It aims to tell an unexpected backstory and immerse the player in the tense atmosphere of a psychological thriller. Players will visit the past, the present and the future.

Advanced facial animation promises to convey the emotion of the characters, fear and happiness, hate and love. During the game players will be able to interact with all the characters and items, and will be able to listen to the thoughts of each protagonist at any given time. NPCs will contact the characters with a variety of requests, ask questions, or require the completion of missions.

How to perform those tasks, or whether to accept them or not, will depend on the player. Characters can either behave as good or evil, depending on the player’s actions.

While there will be quick time events, they aim to keep the player involved with the game until the very end, “unable to let go of the controller,” and will be done in an innovative way, which according to the developer won’t be “Press X to win.”

One thing is for sure: Without Memory definitely seems interesting, and it’s hard not to be curious on whether the folks at Dinosaurum Games will manage to deliver on their promises or not. They definitely aren’t aiming low.

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