PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets First WIP Screenshot, More Concept Art and Info

PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets First WIP Screenshot, More Concept Art and Info

The Moscow-based studio Dinosaurum Games has been working on active development on the PS4 exclusive Without Memory for a few weeks now, and they finally have something to show for it, in the form of the very first work-in-progress screenshot of one of the game’s levels. You can see it below.

Don’t expect fancy graphics yet, though, as a lot of work is still to be done. According to the developers lighting, the landscape, and the definition of the main playable area are done, as much as the shader and the calculation of terrain erosion. On the other hand the night sky is still far from done and will be considerably modified. Of course trees and props are also missing.

WithoutMemory (1)

It’s also worth mentioning that when a level is shown in the editor, it normally lacks a lot of the effects that will show up in a game. The devs also mentioned that some of the areas won’t probably be fully visible to the player, but will be modeled anyway in order to achieve the highest possible level of fidelity.

In addition to the screenshot, we also get two new pieces of concept art of the protagonist, which you can see below and at the top of the post. Dinosaurum’s Anton Slaschyov explained that they’re done on purpose in different styles by different artists, as the one above is meant to convey the game’s atmosphere, while the one below focuses on the character itself.

Finally, the folks at Dinosaurum Games mentioned several times that they’re aiming to AAA quality, and that will also be reflected in the price, as we learn that for the moment the planned price point is the usual $59.99.

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