PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets New WIP Screenshots and Info, Promises “True Next-Gen” Graphics

PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets New WIP Screenshots and Info, Promises “True Next-Gen” Graphics

Moscow-based studio Dinosaurum Games shared an update on its upcoming PS4 exclusive thriller adventure Without Memory, in its development blog and VK social network page.

We get to see another work-in-progress screenshot of the game’s demo level (at the bottom of the post), which is showing sizable progress since we saw it last time. Shaders are finally up, but  quality is not final, and now that the graphics pipeline is in place the team is going to work on details. According to the post the end result will show “true next-gen” graphics.


The team has also been working on the script and on fixing bugs on the story branches. Work on this will be 50% complete by the end of the month.

The new modeler hired by Dinosaurumo has been working on the 3D model of the protagonist Anna, and you can see the result at the top of the post. Work on the character is 10% complete, as it had to be redone from scratch. Next on the list is work on textures and on a low-polygon version of the model.

We also learn that the game will have three characters, each with his or her story, personality and ideas, and will offer different view points on the overall story, influenced by the actions of the players.

The game’s current build is in a phase of early tests on PS4 hardware, and the first actual gameplay screenshots are scheduled from the beginning of September, while a trailer will be released by the end of the same month. If all goes well, a gameplay demo will be showcased at Igromir in Moscow, which will happen between October 2nd and October 5th.

For those that prefer to see screenshots to artwork, there are arguable good news, as Dinosaurum decided that from now on it’ll focus on showing screenshots and videos to showcase the game instead of concept art.