PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets Update, Team Striving to Reach 1080p/60FPS; Trailer Might Be Delayed

PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets Update, Team Striving to Reach 1080p/60FPS; Trailer Might Be Delayed

Moscow-based studio Dinosaurum Games provided a new batch of information today on its PS4 exclusive thriller adventure Without Memory. Thanks to new posts on the developer’s blog and its VK community we learn more on what’s going on with development.

The folks at Dinosaurum are continuing to improve the first demo level of the game and to search for new employees. They’re also negotiating with publishers.

They’re also working on the motion capture sequences they acquired last week, and cleaning them up. At the bottom of the post you can see a gallery of pictures taken directly from the PCs of the animators of the game, showing the process. According to the studio, the cleaning process is long and tedious, but it’s also indispensable to get a good result.

They also mentioned that the new 4.3 version of Unreal Engine allows them to use SpeedTree on the level which will be used in the first trailer, but they also outsourced some more high poly-models of vegetation to use on top of the popular middleware.

In addition to that, it was also mentioned that the first forest level has been tested at 1080p and they were reaching 50 frames per second. Though the level wasn’t optimized and test was not yet performed on PS4, but on a PC 2.5 times less powerful as Sony’s console.

The finished level will be tested exclusively on PS4, and the team is “striving” to reach 60 FPS at full HD resolution.

Dinosaurum games is also working with an external 3D modeling studio which previously collaborated to the creation of the levels of Crysis 3. Unfortunately the process is taking longer than expected and the studio may decide to delay the release of the first trailer from August (it was expected at GDC Europe) to early fall in order to deliver the highest possible quality.

Finally, we earn that the studio believes it has sufficient funding to reach “AAA” quality, but they might still resort to crowdfunding in order to secure further resources.