PS4 Exclusive Without Memory’s Devs Remove Trailer and Cancel Crowdfunding After Receiving Harsh Criticism

PS4 Exclusive Without Memory’s Devs Remove Trailer and Cancel Crowdfunding After Receiving Harsh Criticism

A few days ago Russian Developers Dinosaurum Games launched the first trailer of its 2016-bound PS4 exclusive Without Memory and started a crowdfunding campaign on the local Kickstarter knockoff Boomstarter.

The trailer immediately sparked harsh criticism from many users due to the low quality of some areas, especially character animations and models, weather effects and more. As a result, the Boomstarter campaign wasn’t really what you’d call a success, gaining only 13 supporters.

As a consequence, Dinosaurum Games took a series of fairly drastic actions, explained in a post in russian on their VK community.

The developers admitted that the trailer was released too early, and it wasn’t good enough to earn the trust of the public, also failing to match the quality previously promised. The Boomstarter campaign will also be canceled. The page will be deleted this week and all collected money will be refunded, as Dinosaurum feels that it was rushed out of the gate and they don’t have the right to ask for money until they can deliver on the expectations they created.

We also learn that part of the demo level was created with outsourced assets, which greatly affected the quality and timing its production. Dinosaurum will strive to unite all the staff into a single development team and the cast will be changed.

The concept of the game will then be revised, focusing on storytelling and atmosphere while trying to keep the quality of the other aspects of the game at the proper level. The 3D models of the main character and its animations will be corrected.

Assets that have the potential to create false expectations have been removed from the game’s website, and the trailer has also been deleted, as it doesn’t give relevant information on the plot and it includes several flaws.

The current goal is to create a fully playable demo level and then to search for a publisher to obtain further funding. To that end, the team will continue development by self-funding for the moment, and will work on another gameplay trailer that will take in account the mistakes made with the first.

Personally, I can only hope that Dinosaurum Games will manage to salvage the situation, that definitely seems to be hanging in the balance. They’re young, and a bit overly enthusiastic, which leads to make mistakes. Hopefully they’ll learn from them and push through this undeniably difficult period.