PS4 Exclusive Yakuza 0 Gets a Release Date for North America and Europe; Physical Release Confirmed

PS4 Exclusive Yakuza 0 Gets a Release Date for North America and Europe; Physical Release Confirmed

Sega announced today with a press release that Yakuza 0 will launch exclusively for PS4 in North America and Europe on January 24th.

The release will be both physical and digital for both regions. Below you can read a few key points of the game, and enjoy a few screenshots at the bottom of the post.

“Yakuza 0 tells the origin stories of Kazuma Kiryu, the rising Dragon of Dojima, and Goro Majima, before he’s known as the Mad Dog of Shimano, as they fight, hustle, flirt, and dance their way through the seedy underbelly of Japan. Taking place in a chilly but electric Kamurocho, Tokyo in December 1988, Kiryu’s story follows his steady ascension up the ranks of the Dojima yakuza crime family until he gets blamed for a debt collection gone wrong. Kiryu must utilize his cunning and his fists in order to regain his honor and save the reputation of his father figure, Shintaro Kazama. Meanwhile, Goro Majima is running a popular cabaret in Osaka, but he wants more than anything to rejoin the yakuza clan that ousted him. He’ll need to complete a series of impossible tasks set by his bosses, but will these tasks push Majima past the point of no return?”

  • The Dragon’s Origins: What lies in a man’s past defines his future, and in this case, we learn a lot about what inspires Kiryu down the paths he takes in the rest of the Yakuza series. Plus, you don’t get to be called “Dragon” without being able to knock a few heads. Combat styles can be hot-swapped during fights for some of the most intense battles in the Yakuza series to date.
  • Embrace the Mad Dog: For the first time in a numbered game, long-time NPC Goro Majima is playable. With his own fighting style, abilities, and his penchant for turning sleaze into profit, stepping into the role of Yakuza’s most eccentric character will provide some eye-opening insight.
  • The Decadence of the 1980s in Japan: Cash rules everything in the world of Yakuza 0, and in the game, there are a million ways to spend, make, or take money. From cash spilling out of the pockets of gang members you fight to Telephone Clubs, Disco Halls, or even Pocket Circuit car races, there are tons of ways to be a well-to-do gangster.

The game will cost $59.99, and will lose the PS3 version, that was originally released in Japan alongside the PS4 SKU.

Last, but definitely not least, Sega is making a rather interesting choice with localization. Normally, when localizing Japanese dialogue, the original honorifics like -san, -sama, -kun and more are lost. This time around, they will be preserved. Not only this keeps the subtitles closer to the audio (which will be in Japanese), but it also conveys relevant information on the relationships between the characters.

Personally, I advocated this for ages, so I can’t wait to see how it pans out.