PS4 Exclusive Yakuza 6 Is the Best Ojisan Simulator Ever in Tons of New Screenshots and Info

October 27, 2016

Today Sega released a large batch of new screenshots of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, that will be released in Japan on December 8th, and demonstrates once more to be the best ojisan simulator ever.

And if you’re wondering, “ojisan” is how you’d call (not exactly in a respectful way) a middle-aged man like Kazuma Kiryu in Japan.

First of all, we learn about spearfishing. Kazuma Kiryu will befriend a local fisherman in Onomichi Jingaicho. Unfortunately he can’t go out fishing due to an injury, so Kazuma will offer to replace him.

You can go out on the fisherman’s boat to catch fishes with a speargun. Initially there will only be one model available, but as you clear the stages you’ll be able to acquire different ones with varying performance. Some may be found in unexpected places.

At times, you’ll be attacked by dangerous fishes like sharks. When that happens, you’ll loose air, forcing you to resurface when it runs out.

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Not only you will be rewarded with the value of the fishes you’ll catch, but Kiryu himself will also grow, allowing to dive longer and to withstand more attacks from predators.

Kiryu will also be able to go to snack bars in order to drink and have fun with the locals, like a perfect ojisan. You can drink alcohol with the patrons in order to acquire the latest gossip and deepen Kiryu’s relationship with them. Listening emphatically might even lead to solving their problems.

Besides drinking and chatting, you can also enjoy karaoke and darts together with the other patrons.

Kazuma Kiryu isn’t just the perfect ojisan, but he’s also a crazy cat lady. The cat cafe Nyan Nyan Sabo has fallen into financial trouble, and its cats have gone missing. Of course Kazuma will offer to help.

You can find stray cats everywhere in Kamurocho and Onomichi Jingaicho, hidden in many unique locations that can be discovered by exploring carefully. By giving them cat food, the cats will gradually start liking Kazuma, and when the gauge fills up, they will follow him. Of course, each cats has different tastes, so different food will work in varying ways.

The whole point is to create a cat paradise where Kazuma can relax with as many kittens as possible, and maybe he’ll also receive the manager’s gratitude [Editor’s note: the gender of the manager is unknown for the moment, so the extent of that gratitude is also unspecified].

Every good ojisan regularly visits the local shrine, and Kazuma is no exception. There are two temples in Onomichi, Ryu Minami Jinja and Senko-ji.

By offering items to the five child guardian deities represented by five statues, Kazuma will be able to boost his stats depending on the value of the offering. You can also draw an omikuji (fortune telling strip), which will grant a certain divine favor depending on its contents.

By throwing coins in the offertory before praying, a “Buddhist prayer slot machine” will appear, also granting stat boosts and divine favors depending on the results.

Kazuma will also have to take care of Haruka’s alleged son Haruto. In certain conditions, Haruto will start crying, and by using the DualShock 4 in various ways, it’ll be possible to calm him, but doing it wrong will get the opposite effect. The best reward for this minigame will be seeing Haruto smile, which will melt Ojisan Kiryu’s big heart.

Moving a bit outside of perfect okjisan territory, we learn more about the clan creator feature. Kazuma will finally create his own clan by recruiting a large variety of gangsters with different stats and abilities. It’ll even be possible to recruit bosses with a high sortie cost but very powerful skills and combat statistics.

Kamurocho and Onomichi are full of bosses that can be recruited in various ways, like winning a fight or clearing a sub-quest to improve relationships with them. It’ll even be possible to recruit everyone’s favorite wacko Goro Majima.

It’ll be possible to organize the clan in a specific menu and as more bosses are recruited, the sortie gauge will increase, giving an advantage in battle. You can choose only six bosses per battle, and decide which underlings will follow them. By organizing the clan efficiently and keeping the sortie cost down, you’ll be able to deploy a larger force.

It’s possible to create an “oyabun-kobun” relationship between bosses and henchmen. By doing so, you can increase the strength of the boss by 10%, and the henchmen will also beocome stronger. Their type will also matter, as a physical-strength type henchmen will raise his Oyabun’s strength.

Kazuma’s clan will have its hideout in two cafes, La Pente in Onomichi and M-Side Cafe in Kamurocho. Mission planning and organization will happen there. Once organized, you can select a mission and sortie, with new missions opened by the progress of the story, while some can be cleared any number of times. There are also different missions depending on the city.

Victory conditions are also different with each mission, so it’s important to choose the right force for each.

The ultimate enemy is a gang named “JUSTIS” led by the “six madmen.” Once the gang is defeated in a clan battle, Kazuma will be able to directly confront the six madmen, who have the looks and voices of famous Japanese pro wrestlers.

It’s also possible to have your clan fight against other players asynchronously over the PSN, and face a variety of time-limited missions. There is even an online leaderboard for the most powerful clans.

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