PS4 Exclusive Yakuza 6 Gets New 1080p Screenshots and Info in English

Today Sega released a batch of screenshots and a press kit in English, including the first information on the game officially translated in a language most can understand.

Keep in mind, that this doesn’t mean that the game will be necessarily released in the west. Some developers just have press releases in English for Tokyo Game Show, to help out the gaijin media.

Incidentally, not all the screenshots in the gallery are new, but this is the first time they’re presented in full 1080p, so I thought I’d include them for your viewing pleasure.

But without further ado, you can check all the info below. The translation is a bit rough, but I guess it adds to its charm.

● Finest quality of “Ryu ga Gotoku” on PlayStation4!

The latest title for the “Ryu ga Gotoku” series, which now has sold more than 8 million copies in series total, will be released on PlayStation4. Main character will be the legendary yakuza Kazuma Kiryu, and within the settings of Kamuro-cho in Tokyo and Onomichijingai-cho in Hiroshima, player will experience the ways of life of the passionate men in the story. With the new game engine developed originally designed for PlayStation®4, battle scenes, actions, and drama scenes have innovatively evolved than
the previous titles.

Also, the streets and townscape of the Kamuro-cho Tokyo which fully represents the famous red-light district, will now have even more great precision and liveness, and the new setting Onomichijingai-cho expressed a new field of the great
nature and country town, making the player feel like you are actually in that town. This will be the last battle of Kazuma Kiryu which will take place in Tokyo and Hiroshima.

Please look forward to the deepest drama which will be played by the gorgeous actor/actress members.

Gorgeous actor/actress members which will enrich the passionate drama of “Ryu ga Gotoku” are casted!

In all previous series, “Ryu ga Gotoku” has been casting great members with the ability and popularity as the casts. In this title, as the member of the Hirose family, which Kazuma Kiryu will visit in Hiroshima, Beat Takeshi (Takeshi Kitano) as Toru Hirose,
Tatsuya Fujiwara as Yuta Usami, Hiroyuki Miyasako as Tsuyoshi Nagumo are casted, and not just their voice are used, but 3DCG character models are referred to their actual faces.

In addition, Nao Omori is casted as Tsuneo Iwami whom is the owner of the shipyard whom has great power in economics, Yoko Maki is casted as Kiyomi Kasahara whom is the lady boss of the hostess club “Kiyomi” in Hiroshima Onomichijingai-cho, and as the up and
coming yakuza Takumi Someya in Tojokai where Kiryu use to belong, Shun Oguri is casted. Cast like a blockbuster film has been united, and true drama which video games have never been achieved will be spoken.

● Extremely evolved entertainment in the red-light district!

“Ryu ga Gotoku series has been pursing realistic entertainment at the red-light district, and in “Ryu ga Gotoku 6 Inochi no Uta”, those play spots has been evolved to the limit. First, as a new play spot, “Sports Gym” which are themed by RIZAP the personal training gym will appear in the game. By managing Kazuma Kiryu’s dietary content and his training menu, his abilities will improve. Another  feature is “Clan Creator”.

Kazuma Kiryu will become the chairman of Kiryukai and gather his companions to defeat the powerful enemy gangs in a team battle with large number of people. In Clan Creator, as the enemy character members of Shin-Nihon Pro Wrestling athletes will appear, and heat up the battle. Also, as one of the sexy play spots, “Live Chat” which can be enjoyed in internet café will be installed. Expand and continue the fun communication with the girl via PC and gain the affinity.

Of course the fan loved “Hostess Clubs” are there too. In this title, 5 hostess girls whom were selected from over 1,000 girls will appear, and the game feature has changed to a tactical communication game using topic cards. There are also Karaoke, Darts, Mahjong, Batting cage, Arcade, and more play spots to fully enjoy the red-light district. In the another setting of Hiroshima Onomichijingai-cho, a unique play spot related to country town will appear too. Please stay tuned to our following news.

Ryu ga Gotoku 6: Inochi no Uta

● Prologue (mild spoilers included)

Winter 2012, in one of the best hugest live stage, idol Haruka Sawamura declared her shocking retirement that night. At the same time, Kazuma Kiryu ended the big feud which involved the 5 main cities of Japan. After the battle, to get back his peaceful life, he determined to go in to prison again to atone his sin.

But in “Asagao” the orphanage at Okinawa where Haruka lived with orphan children, might had been a fate for whom once was in show-biz business, but heartless slanders were targeted to this place, and not only to Haruka, but the children in Asagao has got influenced too. Regretting herself, one night, Haruka suddenly disappears alone. Than time is now 2016.

After serving his full prison term, Kiryu finds out that Haruka has disappeared from Asagao. To fnd out where she is, Kiryu once again visits the city of desire, Kamuro-cho. Then he hears the unbelievable news that Haruka was encountered in traffic accident at Kamuro-cho and unconscious.

Kiryu rushed to the hospital and finds Haruka sleeping in ICU. To despairing Kiryu, another shocking news has been noted. There is a new life which Haruka saved risking her life. Name of the new life was “Haruto Sawamura”. While she was missing, she was blessed with a new life.

Who is the father, why was Haruka in Kamuro-cho, with those mystery not being solved, Kiryu finds out that Haruka was in Horoshima while she was missing. The place was old town in East part of Hiroshima, Onomichijingai-cho. It was the territory where Yomeirengokai, which does not belong to either of the Tojokai in East or Oumirengo in West, rules. Only with that clue, Kiryu goes to Hiroshima. But Kiryu being the ex 4th chairman of Tojokai to be in this territory was a serious taboo subject in the underground

●Character introduction

Kazuma Kiryu Cast: Takaya Kuroda

Ex 4th chairman of the hugest yakuza group in East Japan, Tojokai. Legendary yakuza also called as “Dragon of Dojima”. Because of the fate in the past, he has been embroiled in various troubles, and after the huge feud in 2012 where all the yakuza in Japan was involved, to bury the past, he decides to go in prison.

2016, when he came out, he finds out Haruka Sawamura whom is like his family has been missing, and to find out the reason, he visits Onomichijingai-cho in Hiroshima.

Haruka Sawamura Cast: Rie Kugimiya

Daughter of Yumi Sawamura whom Kiryu loved the most. Met with Kiryu in the “Lost 10 billion” case, and after that lived together with Kiryu in the orphanage in Okinawa named Asagao. In 2016, after Kiryu served his full prison term, Kiryu is noted from the children in Asagao that Haruka is missing.

Yuta Usami Cast: Tatsuya Fujiwara

One of the prestigious yakuza family Yomeirengokai, which does not follow to either the Tojokai in the East and
Oumirengo in the West. Yuta Usami is a young member of the Hirose family whom are the terminal organization of
the Yomeirengokai.

Very normal young man, too normal which makes him look odd in the deserted town of Onomichijingai-cho. He vaguely became yakuza being invited to his childhood friend. Now without any dream for the future, with the member of the family, he lives his everyday idly.

Takumi Someya Cast: Shun Oguri

Head of Someya family, the direct affiliate of Tojokai. Yakuza whom is gaining his power within Tojokai since
the feud occurred between Tojokai and the oversea powers which happened after the big fire in the Asian town of
Tokyo Kamuro-cho. He is welcome with the “Restoration of violence” to happen by feud, and shows haughty behavior
even to Kiryu also and does not hide his ambition.

Kiyomi Kasahara Cast: Yoko Maki

Beautiful woman whom is the lady boss of the small bar. Since her young ages she was an idol to the men in town. Nagumo sub-leader of the Hirose family is also one of the men whom in love with her also.

Tsuyoshi Nagumo Cast: Hiroyuki Miyasako

Wakagashira (sub-leader) of the Hirose family of Youmeirengokai. Brutal but straightforward country man. Rules the deserted bar town in Hiroshima. He is an awkward guy and rather than making money, he prioritize to protect the woman he loves instead. For some reason he shows hostility to Kiryu whom visited Hiroshima.

Tsuneo Iwami Cast: Nao Omori

President of Iwami-zosen a shipyard company in Hiroshima. He handles one of the world leading shipyard company, Iwami-zosen. Not only in the shipyard genre but he also handles business in hospital, schools, transportation, and more, so his influence in Hiroshima is very high.

Toru Hirose Cast: Beat Takeshi (Takeshi Kitano)

Head of the Hirose family of Youmeirengokai. Old yakuza in Hiroshima, whom holds his family as the terminal organization of Youmeirengokai. He has his own pace in attitude and he looks like a nice old man.

But his words has humor and some hidden meaning, and is admired by others around him.

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