PS4 Exclusive Yakuza 6 Gets Tons of Awesome Screenshots Showing City, Baseball, Eating and Battle

PS4 Exclusive Yakuza 6 Gets Tons of Awesome Screenshots Showing City, Baseball, Eating and Battle

Today Sega released a large batch of screenshots and information of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, that will release in Japan on December 8th.

Due to a coincidence, Kazuma Kiryu becomes the captain of the amateur baseball team Setouchi Warriors in Onomichi Jingaicho. Unfortunately the team members are weak and lack motivation. Kiryu will lead them to the conquest of the city league.

The basics of the game happen automaticaly, but there are moments in which the player has to perform actions. One is batting. Batting well temporarily increases the ability of the player. You can also decide to bunt, and there is no penalty like a lowering of the player’s ability.

Batting is actually quite complex, with breaking balls that change up a pitcher’s bread-and-butter style. They will aim at different strike zones. Some players will aimn at the “back door.” You will have to deal with a variety of breaking balls and aim for a home run.

In Onomichi Jingaicho there are closet athletes with baseball experience. Some of them will become friendly by completing sub-quests. By doing so, you can aggressively scout new players.

Performing special training is also possible in order to grow the team. Even weak players have a chance to grow into strong contenders.

We also get a good look at several locations in Onomichi. It was a very prosperous fishing town from even before World War II, but it never recovered from a decline caused by the great recession.

The former red light district that once sated the needs of the men of the sea, has become quiet during both day and night. To the eyes of estranges, the city has the atmosphere of a closed shop.

Yet, the town has a big meaning for the underworld organizations in Japan, as western and eastern Yakuza families collide. Something might shake the balance as Kazuma Kiryu sets foot in this city.

Then we get more details on how food will work in the game. In previous games of the series, it simply replenished stamina, but in Yakuza 6, diet is an important element in character growth.

By dining at the various establishments you can increase your stats (muscle, agility, guts, finesse and charm), and the capacity of your stomach gauge.

If you eat beyond the capacity of your stomach gauge, you’ll overeat, and you won’t get increases, so you always have to watch how much you eat.

The stomach gauge will decrease gradually in battle or by moving around, and there are also items that help with digestion. Once you’re famished again, you’ll be able to eat once more and grow stronger.

Between Kamurocho and Onomichi there are 11 different eateries, and each will have its own combo set, that will provide bonuses to Kazuma’s growth.

The system also allows to freely built him up to fit your playstyle. If you want to cause high damage, you can eat food that will build up your attack power. If you want to
be safe, you can aim for a diet that will enhance your defense. You can even build up bonuses for the accumulation of the heat gauge and so forth.

You can also train at the RIZAP gym, and there are six different kinds of training, you can train muscle, agility and guts in different ways.

Diet and training aren’t airtight compartments, and what you eat will influence your results. Your personal trainer will give you dietary advice, and matching them will increase the effectiveness of your training. On the other hand, not following the advice lowers your chances to train efficiently, and might result in failure.

The gym gives the biggest boost in stats, but since you’re unable to train there all the time, you need to balance it carefully.

Last but not least, we see Kazuma Kiryu’s Ultimate Heat Mode, which is a state you can reach by growing up his attacks stats. When in Ultimate Heat Mode you’ll be undaunted by the enemies’ weak attacks, and you’ll be able to use enormous objects as weapons, despite the fact that you wouldn’t even be able to lift them in normal conditions.

In addition to this, it was impossible to fight within shops before, but in the new game you can enter and exit seamlessly and you can freely fighting inside, breaking things and using several objects as weapons, creating battle scenes just like in the movies.

You can check all the screenshots out in the gallery below.