Driveclub Goes Gold; Evolution Working With Manufacturers “Around the World”

Driveclub Goes Gold; Evolution Working With Manufacturers “Around the World”

Looks like the upcoming PS4 exclusive Driveclub is really going to be released this time around, as mentioned by Game Director Paul Rustchynsky in the comments of a recent PlayStation Blog post.

The game has gone GOLD : ) See you online in a few weeks!

Many have complained that the game will only include European cars at launch and a single American one (The Hennessey Venom GT), and at Gamescom Rustchynsky told me that the developer was working to add some Japanese cars as DLC, but looks like the line-up of cars coming post-launch will have even more variation.

We’re working hard with manufacturers around the world to bring you a great selection of vehicles. Watch this space.

Finally, Rustchynsky provided some more information about the DLC which will be distributed after launch:

‘Tour Packs’ are mini single-player campaigns featuring new events, new objectives and new trophies. Generally they’ll be based around the latest season pass content, or the latest free car or tracks.

All of the extra trophies will be associated with the ‘Tour Packs’.

Looks like Driveclub is speeding towards the goal line. I’ll see you online on October 8th, so you better come prepared to eat my dust.