PS4 Far Cry 4 Beats PS3 in Japan, Breaks Top 40 on Xbox one, But Xbox One Drops Under 250 Weekly Sales

PS4 Far Cry 4 Beats PS3 in Japan, Breaks Top 40 on Xbox one, But Xbox One Drops Under 250 Weekly Sales

Media Create posted the full top 50 software chart  for the week between January 26th and February 1st, and there’s a surprise: not only Far Cry 4 managed to do well in overall sales in a country that still has to learn to appreciate first person shooters, but it even managed to make the top 40 on Xbox One, which is, beyond any doubt, quite a feat.

Below you can find the full top 50 software chart, published today.


And this is the hardare chart:

  1. New3DS LL – 21,880
  2. PS4 – 17,392
  3. Vita – 11,871
  4. New3DS – 7,700
  5. PS3 – 7,211
  6. Wii U – 6,807
  7. 3DS LL – 3,641
  8. 3DS – 3,187
  9. Vita TV – 521
  10. Xbox One – 222

Media Create also posted its analysis for the week:

Total software sales were 496 thousand copies. For the downturn in sales of previous installment “Tales of Zestiria” was considerable (from 341 thousand copies last week to 29 thousand copies this week), total software sales plunged to 64.73% of last week.
Although multiple titles were released, their significant portion was remakes and bargain editions, and a ratio of new software sales to total software sales shrank from 63.00% last week to 36.30% this week.

The PS4 edition of “Far Cry 4” sold 36 thousand copies, and its digestibility rate was as high as 92.37%, entering at number 2 on the chart.
Total sales across 3 platforms were 57 thousand copies, which outnumbered initial weekly sales of previous installment “3” (40 thousand copies across 2 platforms), being the largest initial sales among all installments of the franchise.
For the first time in franchise, the latest installment released for the PS4, whose demand was stronger than that of the PS3 edition (18 thousand copies, digestibility rate: 63.84%), and thus not a few retailers were suffered by shortage of stock.
In addition to that, sales of the PS4 hardware increased to 126.09% of last week, so it seems that the core users who are fond of the titles like that gradually shift toward the PS4 hardware.

Hardware sales on a unit basis in January 2015 (from Dec. 29th 2014 to Feb. 1st 2015) fell below last year, decreasing to 88.94% of last year, while hardware sales on a monetary basis increased to 103.21% of last year.
It appears that the presence of the PS4, whose unit price was high, became strong in hardware market this year.

While the crown for the best selling game went (unsurprisingly) to Devil Survivor 2: Break Record, the sales of Far Cry 4 are the most interesting element here, as they give us a glimpse on the situation of the Japanese home console market.

The increase in sales from the past generation shows that Japanese gamers are starting to get used to the idea of first person shooters. Possibly the open world helps here, as free roaming games have recently grown a rather solid niche following in Japan.

The PS4 version outselling the PS3 version (and selling over 90% of the shipped boxes) also shows that the playerbase is gradually shifting to the new console, and it’s about time. PS4 sales were solid, showing that the console is retaining part of the Holiday momentum, unlike the Wii U, that dropped under 7,000, despite the recent release of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and the continuing tail of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Maybe most surprising is that Far Cry 4 managed to break the top 40 on Xbox One, specially considering that the console didn’t yet reach 50,000 total sales in Japan. While ranking 36th may not seem too great at a cursory glance, this is a feat that Xbox One Japanese games like Chaos;Child (that apparently had way better chances) failed to achieve. Since Media Create mentions that the game sold roughly 57,000 copies, the Xbox One version moved about 2,500.

Unfortunately the console itself dropped for the fist time under 250 weekly sales country-wide, continuing its falling trend. That said, the relative success of Far Cry might show a little opening for Microsoft in the country.

It’s becoming more and more evident that those that purchase an Xbox console in Japan don’t do it to play Japanese games on it, but because they want markedly western experiences. The folks at Microsoft could give some thought to shifting their marketing in the country focusing more on that kind of experience, and boldly publicize the console as an American product.

While many believe that the Japanese refuse to buy American and Western products, a single trip to Tokyo would change their mind. Especially the younger generations are very keen on absorbing foreign elements, that are often considered “cool” exactly because they come from overseas, and especially from North America.

It could seem a heretical thought, but this could very well be the key to steering the Xbox ship in Japan. It’s unlikely that it’ll ever become a smash hit, but it could certainly do better.