PS4 Finally Invades Japan Among Wild Cheering, Colorful VIPs and Message from Developers

PS4 Finally Invades Japan Among Wild Cheering, Colorful VIPs and Message from Developers

The countdown for the launch of the PS4 in Japan has just concluded, and Sony officially launched its massively successful new console in its home turf just a few seconds ago in front of a cheering crowd.

While the launch event was livestreamed worldwide, it was quite evidently very much targeted to a Japanese audience, with a large amount of video messages from local VIPs like musicians, comedians, actors and idols.

The event also starred SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, SCE Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano and Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House, that offered  brief speeches to welcome the new consoles.

Several developers also expressed their well wishes for the PS4’s future in person or via video messages, including Yoshinori Ono, the Toshihiro Nagoshi/Masayoshi Motoyama duo, Hideo Kojima, Naoki Yoshida, Shinji Hashimoto and the Guerrilla Games team. Basically all of them had very flattering words to say about the new hardware.

As a funny side note, Kawano-san almost mistakenly ushered Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III Producer Shinji Hashimoto off the stage without letting him speak. That was a pretty hilarious scene indeed. Either he was in a hurry, or he isn’t too happy about the fact that both upcoming JRPGs will be multiplatform.

On the other hand Kojima-san was extremely enthusiastic, improvising a “yahoo!” when he walked on stage, before expressing his love for the PlayStation brand and introducing the limited edition laser-etched Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes FOX Edition PS4.

A couple exhibition matches were also held to entertain the audience, featuring Killzone: Shadow Fall and FIFA 14 (I will refrain commenting on what I saw during the FIFA 14 match, because it’d be uncharitable).

Below you can see a few pictures from the event, for the posterity. If you want to get to know the winner of the raffle to be the first to get a PS4, Nekomi-san, he’s in the first few pictures of the gallery.

That’s quite the outfit, isn’t it? To his credit, it was freezing cold tonight in Tokyo, and he mentioned that he was dressed like that to celebrate Battelfield 4 and Metal Gear Solid V. But yeah…he went to the event armed with an air soft rifle… Marvels of Japan. Congratulations Nekomi-san!

Update: we added a few pictures of the event shared by Kojima-san and Sony Japan.