Sony Will Announce 3 PS4 Games and a Release Date Before E3 2018

Sony Will Announce 3 PS4 Games and a Release Date Before E3 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment has quite a few announcements about PS4 games to make even before E3's gates open next week.

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment made a surprise reveal on its official blog, or more precisely the tease of multiple reveals.

The house of PlayStation seems to be doing things a little differently from the past years and will make quite a few announcements before the show even starts.

Each day starting on Wednesday at 8:00 AM Pacific time, an announcement will be made. On June 6th we’ll get the reveal of a new PS4 game with PlayStation VR support. On June 7th, the release date of a game by Sony’s own Worldwide Studios will be announced. On June 8th another new PS4 game will be revealed. On June 9th a PlayStation VR game will be announced. On June 10th we’ll get details on the PlayStation VR release of an “eagerly anticipated game.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything left for E3, as the announcement clearly states that the “main course” will come with Sony’s E3 conference on June 11th, at 6:00 PM Pacific Time.

If you still don’t have a PS4 and want to get ready for all the goodness that will be announced, you can grab one on Amazon. Incidentally, just yesterday Sony Interactive Entertainment released a brand new commercial.

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