PS4 “GayStation Edition” Sells for $4,126; All Proceeds Go to LGBTQ-Rights Organization

PS4 “GayStation Edition” Sells for $4,126; All Proceeds Go to LGBTQ-Rights Organization

A few days ago we reported that the Swedish Retailer Webhallen put an unique PS4 “GayStation Edition” on auction on the ebay Spin-off Tradera to celebrate the Stockholm Pride Week.

The unit is your usual 500 GB PS4 with four games, but comes in a lovely rainbow-colored paint scheme with a big pixel heart on top, and it has now found a warm place to call home. The auction just ended and the unit sold for 28,300 Swedish Krona, that translate into a whopping $4,126.

All proceeds from the auction are set to go to the Swedish LGBTQ-rights organization RFSL.

While the name of the unit may raise some eyebrows due to the fact that the term “Gaystation” has often been used as derogatory slur by fanboys of opposing camps, it’s nice to see it turned around for a good cause, and the heart of the folks at Webhallen definitely seems to be in the right place:

To a lot of youths, gaming is a helping hand to escape from abuse or worse in the real world.
We at Webhallen are gamers in our hearts and souls, wanting everyone to be apart of the worlds fastest growing hobby, computer and video games.

The auction was definitely popular, with a total of 183 bids.

As it usually goes with this kind of online auction, the amount was sitting at $3,122 with 121 bids until the last few seconds. Everyone then hurried to try and get the last bid, pushing the console up to the final result of $4,126, which is definitely a respectable amount for a package that would otherwise cost $600.