PS4 Gets Awesome Aurora Borealis and Shinjuku Bokeh Dynamic Themes: Truant Pixel Does it Again

PS4 Gets Awesome Aurora Borealis and Shinjuku Bokeh Dynamic Themes: Truant Pixel Does it Again

The North American PlayStation Store is full of PS4 themes that would probably be better defined with expletives, but independent development team Truant Pixel always seems to go to the extra mile in order to deliver something interesting.


Yesterday they delivered two new ones, Aurora Borealis Northern Lights and Shinjuku Bokeh, and they’re both quite unique.

“We are proud to present this dynamic theme, inspired by the captivating lights of the Aurora Borealis. Presented in realtime 1080p HD, this theme features not one but two perspectives of the Northern Lights as seen on a clear Arctic night.

The content screen features the shifting, shimmering pillars of light as viewed from the depths of a quiet valley. A slow camera pan captures the serene expanse as the silent magnetic storm rages in the night sky above.

Shifting to the content screen, in turn, changes the perspective completely, transitioning from the Earth’s surface to view the same phenomenon from high above the atmosphere. The international space-station can be seen above the northern pole, orbiting in and out of frame as the Aurora churns in the cloud layer below.


An original, ambient electronic soundtrack has been composed to complete the setting.”

Shinjuku Bokeh is perhaps simpler (also reflected by the price, $1.99 compared to $2.99 of the Aurora Borealis theme), but no less charming, especially for someone like me, since Shinjuku is my base of operations when I stay in Tokyo.

“We are proud to present this theme, designed to showcase ‘Bokeh’ (ボケ), or de-focused points of light. Bokeh is an artifact of lens aberration and aperture in light photography, which produces a luminous abstraction that is pleasing to the eye. Beads of water speckle a wet lens surface, as errant raindrops cascade down at irregular intervals. An extended environmental audio completes the ambiance, featuring the sounds of a light drizzle on a bustling city street in the Shinjuku district, a world famous ward in Japan.

As is our standard, no video or wallpapers were used to create the effects shown. Every point of light is an independent element which, when combined with the rest, provide unique and continuously progressive color tones at different intervals throughout the theme sequence. The video preview included above provides only a snapshot of the multitude of combinations that the user may experience.”

Incidentally, Shinjuku Bokeh also makes the tiles of the UI see-through, which is something you don’t see often in PS4 themes.

You can check them out below in screenshots from my PS4, and in video directly from Truant Pixel.