PS4: Info on Future Reveals and First Party Studios Working on the Console Given by Sony Employee

PS4: Info on Future Reveals and First Party Studios Working on the Console Given by Sony Employee

Sony Computer Entertainment has been keeping the lid on its work-in-progress PS4 projects and upcoming announcements, and we still don’t know what many of the teams working for the house of PlayStation are currently working on. NeoGAF user and insider DemonNite, who is known to work for Sony even if his identity is a well-kept secret, provided more information and teasing about what’s happening behind closed doors:

First of all, he mentioned that morale is high internally, and everyone has high hopes for the new generation:

I think the future looks great. Everyone is happy and all have high hopes about the new generation : D

Another NeoGAF user listed the announcements he’d like to see at E3 and at Tokyo Game Show:

  • Deep Down further push
  • Sony Santa Monica new IP
  • Guerilla new IP / some new IP from Japan
  • Naughty Dog Uncharted further reveal
  • Driveclub reintroduction
  • Sony Bend / Sony London some reveal
  • Some more details on The Order 1886
  • More details on some of the smaller games such as Rime/Shadow of the Beast.

The user also specified: “I’ll be okay with 1 maybe 2 missing out but no less than 6 of those 8 options.”

DemonNite quoted the list above and answered:

I dont know the final lineup, but leading up to E3 and perhaps at E3, there is a good chance you’ll be happy.

While the answer was teasing and somewhat cryptic, it was also quite promising. After that, he moved on to give further info on just how many studios are working on the console:

That’s a tough one to answer by me. There are MANY teams from the development side alone. Most (all?) studios will have at least another team doing something right now away from the main team. Larger studios will have more than that. One studio for example has 5+ teams on PS4 : )

He then specified that he’s talking only about the western arms of the company:

I wasn’t talking about Japan (not to say they also don’t have a few teams internally on the development side). As I said… many are on PS4 right now so putting a number on it is difficult at best : )

Looks like PS4 owners are in for a few surprises down the line. Counting that one studio has a whole five teams on PS4 (possibly Sony Santa Monica, considering its size and relevance, but this is just my personal speculation), and that there are many more most of which have at least two teams at work, it’s not hard to imagine that a whole lot of games are in development at Sony Worldwide Studios. That’s an exciting perspective, to say the least.