PS4 Is the Best Selling Home Console of 2014 in Japan; 3DS Soundly Beats PS Vita – Full Analysis

PS4 Is the Best Selling Home Console of 2014 in Japan; 3DS Soundly Beats PS Vita – Full Analysis

With the latest Media Create hardware chart, we finally have the tally of which consoles sold best in Japan in 2014.

The PS4 sold best among home consoles, moving 970,667 units, with the Wii U left behind at 618,150 units sold.

For portable consoles it’s the opposite, with the Nintendo 3DS soundly beating the PS Vita with 3,176,525 against 1,168,570 units sold (counting all versions for both).

Below you can see a few charts showcasing the sales of each console during each week of 2014, giving you a good glimpse on the trends of the market for the full year.






2014 has been a rather difficult year for home consoles in Japan, with the PS4 starting relatively well, but flatlining quite fast due to the lack of Japanese games on the platform. Luckily there have been signs of recovery lately, thanks to the software announced at the latest SCEJA press conference.

The Wii U has also struggled at various stages during the year, with a few spikes thanks to the release of relevant games. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U actually allowed Nintendo’s home console to perform very well over most of December, beating the PS4 in three different weeks (even if the Dragon Quest Heroes limited edition PS4 allowed Sony’s console to ultimately win December with 148,113 units sold against 134,067).

Portables saw the triumph of the New 3DS, that sold 1,236,364 units in just a few months, bringing the annual tally for Nintendo’s portable to a whopping 3,176,525, soundly beating the Vita at 1,168,570, despite the fact that Sony’s handheld console performed quite well this year thanks to the release of several compelling games. Unfortunately for Sony, apparently you can’t beat the 3DS train, or even come close.

This year also saw the launch of the Xbox One, and unfortunately performance was even lower than the already mild expectations, with a scant 43,267 sold since the beginning of September.

Finally, we say farewell to the PSP, discontinued by Sony in June, and almost literally gone the way of the dodo, with under ten units moved every week in December, that also marked the 10th anniversary of its launch in Japan. It had a good and glorious run, so we can see it off with a smile.