PS4 JRPG Arc of Alchemist Reveals Its Opening Movie

PS4 JRPG Arc of Alchemist Reveals Its Opening Movie

Compile Heart released the opening movie for PS4 exclusive action RPG Arc of Alchemist. The game will launch in summer 2019 in the west.

Compile Heart published the opening animation sequence for PS4 exclusive JRPG Arc of Alchemist.

It introduces the game’s characters in a slideshow and is pretty much the same as usual as other Galapagos RPGs by Compile Heart. If you’re used to it, it’s not lackluster, but it’s nothing impressive either.


The opening song is titled “Beyond” and was made by Junichi Takizawa. It’s sung by Matsushita and was produced by Exit Tunes. Matsushita is an Utaite, as in she does song covers on Nico Nico Douga. That’s how she was discovered and ended up having her major debut in 2013. She’s been even more popular since.

Comments by Matsushita were published as well: It’s her first time singing the opening song for an RPG, so she was quite happy about the job, seeing it’s her favorite genre. She’s really into Arc of Alchemist‘s steampunk atmosphere and is looking forward to the game herself.

The game’s previous trailer showed some of the game systems like base management, along with other things, like how boss fights require a proper strategy.

Arc of Alchemist releases for PS4 on February 7 in Japan. The game was announced in the west and has a “Summer 2019” release estimate. The western version will include both English and Japanese voice-overs.