PS4: Kaz Hirai Delivers Triumphant Speech at CES, Promises “Best Entertainment Available” and “Wow”

PS4: Kaz Hirai Delivers Triumphant Speech at CES, Promises “Best Entertainment Available” and “Wow”

The success of the PS4 has allowed it to take a front and center position in Sony’s business, and as a further demonstration of that, the new console was the first to be mentioned among the successful enterprises of the Japanese corporation during its CES 2015 Keynote.

Hirai-san delivered a triumphant speech to celebrate the PS4 in front of the audience of the keynote, which is quite relevant considering that CES is a trade show not really focused on games, during which electronics, TV and mobile tech normally take a prominent role.

First, the success of PlayStation 4 has enabled a broadening world of PlayStation. The PS4 Platforms has been providing more immersive games than ever before, and allows PlayStation fans to enjoy a wide variety of game content.

And will acclaimed blockbuster titles, as well as great network services including socially connected experiences, PlayStation 4 sold 4.1 million units during this Holiday season, and the total sell-through has now reached more than 18.5 million units since its launch. I’m liking those numbers!

I’d say, this is a remarkable success for this next generation console, and, actually, this is exceeding the rate of adoption of any other PlayStation Platform.

And PlayStation Plus also continues to grow, offering a subscription service for content and services for the platform, and reached 10.9 million subscribers.

Network services include video unlimited, music unlimited, as well as new initiatives such as PlayStation Now, as you know a streaming game service on supported devices covering most PlayStation platforms, and of course Sony devices such as the Bravia TV.

And, with the arrival of PlayStation Vue, that I talked about earlier, we now offer a comprehensive product platform with unparaleled entertainment experiences.

PlayStation 4 continues to attract our valued users while providing the best place to play, and together with our third party developers and publishers, including a remarkable group of independent game developers, we will continue to provide the best entertainment available, while delivering Sony signature “WOW” to our valued customers.

Promising “the best entertainment available” is definitely taking up quite the challenge, especially considering that the console market includes strong competition both from within and from external factors.

Will Sony and its partners manage to deliver “WOW” this year? I guess we’ll know in January 2016.