PS4 Launch Event Wins Prestigious Awards For “Destroying” the Pope’s Castle with a Dragon

PS4 Launch Event Wins Prestigious Awards For “Destroying” the Pope’s Castle with a Dragon

Almost a year ago we were the first to report about the breathtaking PS4 launch event in Rome, Italy, during which Sony Computer Entertainment organized an unique light show that first turned the the iconic Castel Sant’Angelo (Castle St. Angel,  built as a Mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian, then turned into a Papal fortress and prison, and today used as a museum and summer residence for the Pope) into polygons, and then had a massive dragon tear it down.

Yesterday the event brought home quite a few prizes at the Best Event Awards ceremony held in Milan.

The event was created for SCEE by the Italian agency Ninetynine and used 400 projectors, requiring the work of 150 people to pull off.

Here are the awards brought home by “destroying” the Pope’s castle, among 106 competitors:

  • Best Product/Service Launch
  • Best Execution Excellence
  • Best Effectiveness Excellence
  • Best Technological Innovation
  • Best Event Award (second place)
  • Best Creativity (second place)
  • Best Channel Strategy (second place)

Sony Computer Entertainment Italy General Manager Marco Saletta accompanied the press release with a comment:

A Night for the Players was an extraordinary event which, for the PS4 launch on November 29th last year, perfectly embodied the values of the PlayStation brand. The selection of an exceptional locatoon- Castle St. Angel – and the 3D videomapping show, paid homage to the whole country’s gaming community, underlining the continuity between past and future, memory and innovation.

Ninetynine created a brilliant operation for creativity and event execution, fully satisfying our expectations.

And indeed, the show was definitely unique and spectacular. If you missed it back then, you can check out four videos below, and a few pictures sent to us by Sony.