PS4 Still Leading in Media Coverage According to a New ICO Partners Report

PS4 Still Leading in Media Coverage According to a New ICO Partners Report

The Nintendo Switch launched this month. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched this month too. But despite a strong launch performance and mostly positive reviews, the Nintendo Switch still could not overthrow the PS4, which continues to lead media coverage, at least according to a new report from ICO Partners.

ICO Partners provided the following weekly and monthly coverage charts (which includes coverage for the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and the Switch):

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Alongside the report, ICO Partners CEO Thomas Bidaux points out that a lot of the Switch’s coverage is thanks to the January in-depth reveal (which had really good coverage) and the momentum of the launch. Bidaux further points out that in the face of such a “limited line-up” it appears the Switch has still garnered significant interest beyond just the launch. Bidaux adds:

“If the average weekly coverage stays around 4,000 articles/week, that puts it a bit above half of the Xbox One weekly average and at 40% of the PlayStation 4 weekly average, this would be an excellent foundation for Nintendo to build on.”

As for the Microsoft and Sony, the PS4 continues to top the Xbox One in media coverage, and in fact, according to Bidaux, the gap appears to be widening. The CEO adds:

“As we mentioned many times before, the PlayStation 4 is the clear leader when it coming to console media coverage, and this is a constant. Even when looking at the weekly coverage volumes, since January 2015, only once did the Xbox One secure more coverage than the PlayStation 4. It was the week of the gamescom 2015, where Microsoft held a press conference and Sony did not.”

While the Switch is struggling to keep up with PS4’s media coverage numbers, it did have a very successful reveal compared to other recent hardware reveals for the Project Scorpio, PlayStation VR, and PS4 Pro. Biduax adds:

“The Nintendo Switch [reveal] being in January, outside of any events, and being quite close to the actual launch, really paid off in my opinion for Nintendo.

ICO Partners provided the following chart of media coverage on recent hardware announcements: