Sony Comments on Messaging Issue that was Freezing PS4 Consoles, Provides Solution to the Problem

Sony has provided a way to fix the messaging issue that seemed to be crashing multiple PS4 consoles over the past few days.

on October 16, 2018 9:24 AM

We reported this past weekend that a handful of PS4 users across the Internet had recently found their consoles locked up after a random message hit their inbox.

As of now, Sony has recently commented on the issue and provided a fix for those that may have unfortunately run into this for themselves. Over on Twitter, the official support account for PlayStation UK responded to a message about how this error was “bricking” consoles and Sony stated that this was not the case. Instead, receiving this message just sent PS4 consoles into a crash loop that was impossible to get out of on the system itself.

To rectify the issue, you just need to open the PS mobile app, go to the Safe Mode selection, choose option 5 and then your PS4 should be back to its usual self. This is a solution that many suggested in various Reddit posts associated with this problem, but others said it wasn’t working for them. Clearly, this is the proper fix though given you follow the steps correctly.

If you ran into this problem yourself, hopefully, this can now get your PS4 back in working condition. Regardless of whether or not this occurred to you though, maybe it’s just a good idea to set your messaging option on your PS4 to only receive from others on your friend list, anyway.

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