PS4: Series Japanese Gamers are Waiting for Before Purchasing Sony’s New Console Revealed by Survey

PS4: Series Japanese Gamers are Waiting for Before Purchasing Sony’s New Console Revealed by Survey

The PS4 debuted in Japan about a week ago, and sold more than 300,000 units in its first two days, but sales of the console’s software were pretty much abysmal, even due to the lack of many prominent Japanese series that normally drive sales in the archipelago of the rising sun.

But what are the series Japanese gamers are waiting for before considering a purchase of Sony’s newborn console? The prominent research firm Goo Ranking, affiliate of NTT DoCoMo (the biggest mobile provider in the country) just released the results of a statistic created via a questionnaire by the NTT Communications Research. The poll was conducted between December 24th and December 27th, including the answers of 1,076 respondents.

Below you can see the results of the poll, ordered from the most requested series to the least popular. Series that already appeared on the PS4 are highlighted in green, while titles that have been at least announced are in blue.

  1. Final Fantasy
  2. Gran Turismo
  3. Resident Evil
  4. Tales
  5. Kingdom Hearts
  6. Monster Hunter
  7. Grand Theft Auto
  8. Metal Gear Solid
  9. Mobile Suit Gundam
  10. Persona
  11. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball
  12. Dynasty Warriors
  13. Samurai Warriors
  14. Everybody’s Golf
  15. Pro Evolution Soccer
  16. Yakuza
  17. The Legend of Heroes
  18. SIREN
  19. Sengoku BASARA
  20. Atelier
  21. One Piece Pirate Warriors
  22. Warriors OROCHI
  23. IdolM@ster
  24. Disgaea
  25. Earth Defense Force
  26. Ninja Gaiden
  27. Armored Core
  28. Uncharted
  29. The Elder Scrolls
  30. Call of Duty
  31. Ratchet & Clank
  32. Valkyria Chronicles
  33. Silent Hill
  34. God of War
  35. Dark Souls
  36. Tekken
  37. Drakengard
  38. Little Big Planet
  39. Rocksmith

It’s worth mentioning that only series that made an appearence on PS3 were eligible for the poll, so it should be no surprise that Dragon Quest or Pokémon are not included.

The first place won by the Final Fantasy series was probably the most unsurprising result. While the beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is already available, and the game will be officially released on April 14th, it’s very likely that many that responded Final Fantasy actually meant a single player JRPG, and they’ll have to wait for Final Fantasy XV.

Gran Turismo‘s second place is also unsurprising, while I surely didn’t expect to see Resident Evil in third place. Looks like Japanese gamers aren’t yet tired of Capcom’s survival horror series.

One of the biggest surprises is the complete absence of Ridge Racer, considering that there has never been a PlayStation launch without a Ridge Racer game.  Looking at the pretty horrible sales during the launch of the PS Vita, that’s probably one franchise Japanese gamers are pretty weary of.

Western franchises also seem to have started penetrating the Japanese market, which is something we noticed with increasing sales trends in the Media Create charts. It’s not surprising that the pack is led by Grand Theft Auto, as the fifth chapter of the franchise achieved stellar sales in Japan.

What’s most evident is that the vast majority of the franchises in the list still don’t have any game announced for Sony’s new console yet. Looks like Adam Boyes and the rest of the third party relations team have their work cut out for them over the next several months.

Attendees of the Destination PlayStation event said that the Fall line-up is very exciting, but how many of the titles showcased behind closed doors are actually present in this list and will appease the Japanese audience? We can only wait and see.