PS4 One-Star Reviews on European Amazon Stores Drop Under 30% in Less than Three Days

PS4 One-Star Reviews on European Amazon Stores Drop Under 30% in Less than Three Days

Yesterday I reported that the ratio of one-star reviews on the European branches of Amazon was pretty much in line with its american counterpart during the same time frame after launch, with a 33.3% of negative ratings, mostly due to faulty consoles.

I also mentioned that the apparently high percentage will normalize over time, as the rush of those that got a faulty console and are in a hurry to spread the news of the world will dry up, while those that got a perfectly working unit (and aren’t really that much in a hurry because they’re too busy playing) finally notice the mail from Amazon asking for a rating and get around posting one (maybe).

The interesting thing is that the percentage of negative reviews is dripping quite fast, as they get gradually overwhelmed by the positive ones. It took less than three days for it to drop under 30% as you can see below, from the five European branches of Amazon (UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy).

PS4AmazonUKPS4AmazonDePS4AmazonFRPS4 AmazonESPS4AmazonIT

At the moment of this writing there are 1472 reviews, with 436 one-one star ratings, resulting into a 29,61% percentage. That’s a quite steep drop just a day from yesterday’s 33.3%. 

We’ll have to see how much further it’ll drop over the coming few days and weeks, but so far the trend seems to match and actually be slightly better than the North American one.

One thing is for sure: as already mentioned, this kind of reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt for both consoles, not only because there’s a rather relevant amount of trolling, but because it’s definitely normal for disgruntled customers that got a faulty unit to be much more willing and quick to report it, than satisfied ones that are busy playing Killzone and Resogun.