PS4 Pro HDR 4K TV Buyer’s Guide: Five Sets to Get the Most Out of Your Games

PS4 Pro HDR 4K TV Buyer’s Guide: Five Sets to Get the Most Out of Your Games

Thanks to Sony’s PS4 Pro (and next year’s ‘Project Scorpio’ from Microsoft) we are officially in the era of 4K consoles. Unfortunately, buying the right 4K TV to go alongside your shiny new machine can be  alittle tricky. We recently published an article about why you should steer clear from the 4K TV “deals” out there this black friday. This helped clear the air for some but left others not knowing where to turn when the time comes to jump into 4K. And we are here to help.

We decided in to call in the reinforcements from B & H Photo Video in New York City. We spoke with Sales Trainer Anthony Tiletnick about everything there is to know about buying a 4K TV for your PS4 Pro. Anthony filled us in on a handful of different model 4K TVs (at various price points) that gamers should keep their eyes on. When choosing sets to present Anthony kept in mind what’s important for gamers who are looking to take advantage of what 4K console gaming has to offer. You can check out the video below. Underneath the video we’ve linked to where you can pick up the TVs we featured in the clip.

Featured 4K TVs from the video (in order of appearance):

Vizio – M Series

Samsung – KS8000

Sony – XBR X850D

Samsung – KS9500

LG – E6

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