Sony’s Jim Ryan Expects to Sell a Lot of PS4 Pro in the Holidays; Talks Nintendo Switch Competition

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan talks about the market situation of the PS4 Pro and on the competition against Nintendo Switch.

on June 19, 2017 5:17 AM

Coming out of E3 2017, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan talked to GamesIndustry about a few interesting elements of the PlayStation Business.

First of all, we learn that, broadly speaking, 40% of those who buy a PS4 Pro are upgrading from standard PS4. We already know that the more powerful variant amounts to about 20% of PS4 sales. That said, Sony is starting to learn about the performance of the Pro just now, because it has been consistently out of stock until launch and started to come back into free supply only recently. He expects to learn a lot more in the coming three or four months, as dynamics are “squashed” when there is supply constraint.

Ryan also mentioned that PS4 Pro is a “really important part” of the Holiday season for Sony, and the expectation is that the 20% proportion will grow. The company hasn’t promoted the Pro too much, because there wasn’t enough stock to sell, but they anticipate to have positive inventory for Christmas, and look forward to “selling a lot of PS4 Pros”

Ryan was also asked to comment on the competition against Nintendo Switch. He mentioned that the possibility of Nintendo taking a percentage of the more casual-oriented consumers isn’t to Sony’s benefit when viewed narrowly. Yet, when one looks at the whole industry ecosystem, a resurgent Nintendo competing in a meaningful manner is beneficial to pretty much everyone.

According to Ryan, if Nintendo’s comeback means that the many millions of people who got into the Wii — and that have been absent as customers for a few years — might come back, and will go into the stores looking to buy a Switch, he’ll “have a crack at selling them a PS4” instead.

If you want to read more about what Jim Ryan had to say recently, you can read his view on the lack of backward compatibility on PS4.

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