PS4 System Software Update 5.50 Beta Adds Supersampling Mode, Teams and More

PS4 System Software Update 5.50 Beta Adds Supersampling Mode, Teams and More

Beta testers selected by Sony to check out the upcoming PS4 5.50 System Software have been leaking a few interesting snippets of information.

Today Sony has begun rolling out invites to the beta of the PS4 system software 5.50, and quite a few interesting elements are starting to leak online.

First of all, PS4 Pro is getting Supersampling Mode, basically letting you brute force supersampling on 1080p monitors for games that don’t officially support the feature. That being said, results may differ depending on the game. Some may not see improvements at all, while others may be impacted in their frame rates.

For those who are unfamiliar with supersampling, the PS4 Pro will render the game at a higher resolution internally, and then squeeze the image into 1920×1080 pixels, theoretically resulting in a sharper image quality. You can think of it as the opposite of Boost Mode. Instead of boosting frame rate, it’s supposed to improve visual quality, mostly in the antialiasing area.

Another new element is Teams to chat with your friends, play games, or possibly even take part in competitions.

We’re also finally allowed to delete any notification and hide purchased content from the library to get rid of all those old betas and demos.

It’s possible that the system software update may include further new features, but for now, this is all we get.

The latest major system software update released for the PS4 was 5.00, nicknamed “Nobunaga” and released back in October. In came with an overhauled family system, better friend list management (including the ability to follow anyone), improved broadcast features, messages and notifications, team tournaments, virtual surround sound for PlayStation VR, and more.

[Info included in this article was provided by users of the r/PS4 subreddit and ResetERA]