PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Doing Great in Asia; Sony on Xbox One: “It’s Welcome”

PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Doing Great in Asia; Sony on Xbox One: “It’s Welcome”

The PS4 has launched in Asia before Japan, creating a quite unique situation for the brand, and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Deputy President Hiroyuki Oda and Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan General Manager Tatsuo Eguchi told Game Watch that things are going quite well.

Eguchi-san and Oda-san talked about a situation very similar to that of the west, with long lines in front of the shops and the PS4 selling out everywhere, and also provided a few more snippets of information:

  • PlayStation Plus Scubscriptions are rapidly increasing in Asia.
  • PSP continues to sell, but it’s selling a lot less now that the PS Vita has been released.
  • The PS3 continues to sell well despite the launch of the PS4. Demand for the older console didn’t lower.
  • Both PS3 and PS4 units (there were 1000 PS4 available) were sold out at Taipei Game Show.
  • The PS4 sold out in less then 30 minutes every day at Taipei Game Show, but 20% of those that purchased the new console also bought a Vita at the same time.

Oda-san was also pinged about the fact that the PS4 basically doesn’t have competition in Asia:

I’d like to tell this with no misunderstandings: When the xbox one will be released conveying various charms in a different way, while competing properly, I think the most important thing will be that it’s going to expand the video game industry and the market itself.

I’m often asked “What would you do if the Xbox One comes?” and the answer is “it’s welcome.”

He also admitted that it’s hard to tell if you have won when there’s no rival to compete against.

It’s always nice to see executives of both camps talking about fair play and competition in the market, considering how much the fans of love to tear each other to pieces basically at every chance they get. It’d be nice if more learned to “welcome” competition as something that strengthens the industry as a whole, and drives innovation quality and more consumer-friendly policies.